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Appealing to leave religious school

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MrsBlythe Thu 30-Mar-17 12:49:17

Dd was happy at local (10 mins walk) non-denominational school. But job caused us to move away for a few years. She kept up with old friends and when we moved back to same house was eager to return to old school and friends. But it was full and she was placed in a further away catholic school. We have given it a go, but she's not fully settled and still talks about old school and friends. New classmates scattered over a Wide area so less chance for play dates etc. The thing she dislikes most is the religious side of new school - praying multiple times a day, lots of RE, mass etc. I'm atheist and her father is Jewish so I think she feels a bit left out as everyone else is catholic and takes communion at mass etc. Would we have any hope of winning an appeal using this as a reason to transfer? She's in year 4 btw. Thanks.

meditrina Thu 30-Mar-17 12:52:12

No, in the sense that you are never appealing against the current school you are always appealing for the school you want.

Have you applied for and been rejected by all other schools you think would be a better fit for your DD?

MrsBlythe Thu 30-Mar-17 12:57:54

DD was happy at local (10 mins walk) non denominational school. But due to work we moved away for a year. On return last year school was full. She was given place at a further away Catholic school.

But she's still not really settled. Kids come from all over so harder to organise play dates - plus it's a 35 min walk so logistics of after school clubs more complex. But I think real stumbling block is the religious side which was greater than we anticipated. They pray multiple times a day, lots of RE, communion during mass etc. I have no faith, husband is Jewish and I think DD feels left out. She is the only one who doesn't believe and feels left out and uncomfortable.

I was wondering if anyone had ever used this as grounds for an appeal? She's in year 4 which I understand makes the odds slightly more favourable. Thanks

MrsBlythe Thu 30-Mar-17 13:01:46

Sorry thought it hadn't posted! All schools full up near us attraction of old school is multi faith and she has old friends so easy to fit into. Sending her to a third school in 4 years I suspect might be more disruptive than keeping her at catholic one.

meditrina Thu 30-Mar-17 13:18:20

You can appeal for a place at the previous school. If the school is full, they can't just admit your DD (even if they would be happy to have her) without you going to appeal.

prh47bridge Thu 30-Mar-17 20:13:50

As Meditrina says, you need to appeal for the school you want, not against the school you've got. None of the reasons you suggest would fly at appeal. You would only win with that case if the appeal panel decided that the previous school could cope with an additional pupil without any problems, in which case the strength of your case wouldn't matter.

You need to look at what the previous school offers that is missing from the current school and that would be particularly beneficial to your daughter. Build your case around that.

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