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SATS results....

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jampot Sat 03-Jul-04 21:01:04

Just for Popsycal

How did everyone do? Teachers how did your classes perform?

Yorkiegirl Sat 03-Jul-04 21:18:00

Message withdrawn

jampot Sat 03-Jul-04 21:20:34

Popsycal said she'd received some already so I assumed they were on the way. My ds's teacher (KS1) texted me to tell me that ds had got a level 3 in his maths - I suspect because he was so gobsmacked he hasn't told me his english so assume that was as expected or worse

Yorkiegirl Sat 03-Jul-04 21:25:42

Message withdrawn

popsycal Mon 05-Jul-04 00:30:34

they all did fab....
all 4s and 5s in my classes and my science group did extra specially well
24/30 got level 5 )

jampot Mon 05-Jul-04 00:39:48

Wow popsycal - you've done a grand job with your lot!!!!

popsycal Mon 05-Jul-04 00:44:03

they did did the test bless them
lokoing forward to telling them tomorrow!!

charlize Fri 09-Jul-04 20:32:27

Popsy are you around?? Does any one know what percentage you need to achive level 5 English??
My ds got level 5 with 80% . He thinks you need 65% to get a level 5 but I thought it was more like 75% in which case would he have a low level 5????
Also the highest mark in class was 91%. Is this an unusually high mark for english? I remember ds teacher telling me at after the christmas exams that the highest mark tgen was 82!!
Ds was dissapointed also with his science althought he got 90% in practise papers he often got 100%
In maths he got 98% but was kicking himself for getting one wrong.
Any news from anyone?

jampot Fri 09-Jul-04 20:51:02

My dd's class have had their science and maths results in but not english yet Teacher won't tell them any results until they are all in. I am desperate to find out!!! Can't beleive they tell them the percentage too - doesn't that make it a bit "i'm better than you"?

Janh Fri 09-Jul-04 20:54:25

My kids have altogether had 3 lots of KS1 results and 2 lots of KS2 (just waiting now for the 3rd and last...) and school has never given us a percentage - just a Level. Much prefer it that way! (Same with KS3 at the grammar school).

charlize Fri 09-Jul-04 21:39:04

God I agree soo much. I hate it that they get tge percentage. Its all what did you get and what did he get grrrr!!!!
To top it off they add the bleedin results up and award 1st 2nd and 3rd in class with a big prize night next week.
Ds has always been in the top three before but this year Iam not so sure. I think his eglish mark will lose him points and he is gutted because he is always top in maths but one girl got 99% would you believe one point ahead of him.
He worked his socks off all year to get a scholarship and came first out of 200 kids in the entrance exam but the school will hardly aknowlege this on prize night they don't even reveal that he came 1st.
Instead the poor lad probably wont get a thing.

Galaxy Fri 09-Jul-04 23:54:59

message withdrawn

Janh Sat 10-Jul-04 00:01:33

I think teacher assessment is compared with what the external marker thinks? (Just to see if they think the teacher assessment is realistic or not?)

popsy will have better information.

Anyway well done to DSS, Galaxy! It's so nice when they do better than you expected!

Slinky Sat 10-Jul-04 00:10:08

Got the results from DD1's "unofficial" SATS (she's in Year 3) and she got all Level 4s!

Very proud mummy - and DD1 - she thinks she's crap at maths

Galaxy Sat 10-Jul-04 00:19:08

message withdrawn

jampot Sat 10-Jul-04 11:09:22

I am so desperate to find out dd's grades I completely forgot to add that ds got grade 3 for maths and 2As for his 2 literacy tests (KS1) - I am very proud as he really is Mr Average when it comes to school work. .

charlize Sat 10-Jul-04 15:08:51

Well done to your ds jampot
He is not average at all with a level 3 mr above average in fact!!

jampot Sat 10-Jul-04 15:18:09

his teacher texted me the message "Did X tell you he got 2A in his maths" So he was really pleased with that then he put all 2As in for level 3 which he got - so both teacher and I are shocked!!

Jaybee Sun 11-Jul-04 19:03:36

So proud!! Dh just called me - my two have just had their reports. Dd's Yr 2 SATS results are level 3A across the board - I am so pleased with her. Apparently, they both have excellent reports - can't wait to read them.

jampot Sun 11-Jul-04 19:06:25

Jaybee kiddies - well done - you must be so proud!!

DD's class were off to their secondary school today so even though the english results have come in the teacher won't hand them out until all the kids are there !!! she is an evil bitch I tell you!!

Jaybee Sun 11-Jul-04 19:09:07

Ds misses going to secondary school by two days - 2/9 birthday. Not looking forward to that next year.

tigermoth Mon 12-Jul-04 10:47:13

well done all those mumsnet children!

don't know what my sons reports have in store yet. Someone told me these year 5 results alone determine what stream my son will go into when he goes to secondary school. I thought it was year 5 and year 6 results combined - am I wrong?

jampot Mon 12-Jul-04 10:51:34

From what I understand its the SATS results in year 6 that determine how the child is streamed in secondary school. However, I also believe that teacher assessment also comes into it . I went to our new parents evening last week and we were told that during the first few weeks the children will be tested in order to stream them by November - so that kind of throws the theory a bit in our case..

allatsea Mon 12-Jul-04 10:59:39

Some people consider the teacher assessment level to be of more importance than the test level as it is judged on the child's performance over the year, as opposed to how well they did on a particular day on a particular test.
When the result sheets are returned to school they provide information on the number of marks scored on each paper, the total number of marks and the level. I have not come across schools converting total marks into percentages, but this is something that they have chosen to do, rather than a requirement. Many schools tell children only their level, rather than marks attained.
End of key stage information is often used to help group children in secondary school, but so is other information provided by the junior school on personality/social strengths and then the secondary schools own observations on how a child performs when they start secondary school. (It can be such a different type of learning environment that children can take time to adjust). If children have attained a L4 at the end of Y6 they are deemed to have the pre-requisite skills and knowledge to succeed at secondary school. HTH

tigermoth Mon 12-Jul-04 11:04:43

thanks! I thought teacher assessment and performance when starting secondary school must count for something. Glad it's not just level 5 results. I was told that by a local teacher, and she was very definite, but it sounded a bit odd to me. I'm sure the streaming criteria must be a bit more complex than that.

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