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Help me find schools in hastings

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ghostspirit Fri 24-Mar-17 12:02:50

Hi all. My head is feeling very over whelmed at the moment and I'm finding it hard to do things that are quite simple. So hoping you guys can help..

So I'm looking for schools in hastings. I'm looking for a secondary school for my ds. I want the ofsted to be at least good. I have looked at hastings academy and ark William Parker. Both require improvement. So they are a no. Any more ideas ?

ghostspirit Fri 24-Mar-17 15:25:31


WorraLiberty Sat 25-Mar-17 11:11:21

ghost, it might be a good idea to have this moved to the Education topic. I'm sure there'll be someone there to point you in the right direction.

RachelRagged Sat 25-Mar-17 11:12:24

What Worra said mate

ghostspirit Sat 25-Mar-17 11:12:34

Education ? That's bit odd ? Confused grin

ghostspirit Sat 25-Mar-17 11:14:03

I thought I was onot a different thread grinblush

YetAnotherBeckyMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 25-Mar-17 11:57:34

Hi OP, we're just going to move this over to Education.

Scoose Sat 25-Mar-17 13:55:05

Can you not just google secondary schools in Hastings? And go from there. The school websites usually have information on ofsted reports don't they? confused

PatriciaHolm Sat 25-Mar-17 14:11:51

How old is he?

If he's at secondary already, then you are looking at an in-year place, so will be very restricted in your choice - the LEA will offer a place where there is space, which may not be in a school of your choice, and won't do so until you have a local address.

ghostspirit Sat 25-Mar-17 14:16:02

Oh sad

PettsWoodParadise Sat 25-Mar-17 16:29:12

Sorry, can't help on Hastings state schools but I know someone who went to the independent school Claremont and was very happy. Any state schools you do identify then look at their admission criteria. If for example proximity is a criteria and you move really close to the school you jump closer to top of the list. If the school is large it will also mean there is more likelihood of getting a place but conversely if it is highly desirable then parents are more likely to think twice about moving and if they move within travel distance will keep their child at the school. In Year admissions can be a case of accepting the first place the authority can offer and waiting it out for the preferred school if you are highly likely to get a place. Good luck.

swingofthings Sun 26-Mar-17 08:01:18

Go and visit the schools and make up your mind up. Requiring improvement doesn't make the school bad. When we moved in our area, my DS was given a place at a school who'd been put under remedial measures. I wasn't happy but was told to go and visit it as it wasn't a bad school. I did and liked everything about it. It had a new HT who came to talk to us, we met the teacher and pupils seemed very well behaved.

My DS loved it there and finished Y6 with a level 6B in Maths and 6C in English and the ratio of kids with level 6 were high (offered extra tutoring). He made many friends, never faced any issues. During that time, the school only managed to get an' improved requirements' status! although that was 3 years ago now.

Have you moved yet? If so, you are likely to find that there aren't many options anyway. If you are a practicing catholic, you can look into St Richard in Bexhill, a train away. This is one of the best secondary school in the county.

Mary21 Sun 26-Mar-17 18:11:17

St Leonard's Academy?

ghostspirit Sun 26-Mar-17 19:23:29

I looked at that school on the net. It says it was over subscribed so getting him in there would be very lucky.

I do need primary but there seem to be quite a few so I'm not so worried

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