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End of year gifts for teachers?

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xoz Sat 03-Jul-04 01:12:25

Is it the done thing to give end of year gifts for playgroup teachers???
My dd started in Jan and will be continuing there next academic year so I want to do the right thing.

codswallop Sat 03-Jul-04 01:12:51

Ialways do

keep em sweet!

xoz Sat 03-Jul-04 01:13:48

Also what do you give them???

codswallop Sat 03-Jul-04 01:14:37

a box of M and s biscuits a few days veofre hte end
bottle of wine
bunch of lowers

xoz Sat 03-Jul-04 01:14:58

and who to?
there's about 4 teachers and helpers at each session and they vary from day to day!!!

codswallop Sat 03-Jul-04 01:15:17


codswallop Sat 03-Jul-04 01:15:27

to all

beetroot Sat 03-Jul-04 01:15:44

Message withdrawn

beetroot Sat 03-Jul-04 01:16:06

Message withdrawn

popsycal Sat 03-Jul-04 01:16:12

wine goes done very well....

codswallop Sat 03-Jul-04 01:16:19

Not hte dreaded cah kidston!

where is all gher stuff!
i had never heard of the woman before mn

codswallop Sat 03-Jul-04 01:16:42

hmm spelling as bad as ever

beetroot Sat 03-Jul-04 01:16:52

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Sat 03-Jul-04 01:17:01

If there are a lot of staff and they vary I would go for one big group present, such as chocolates or biscuits to share over a coffee.

xoz Sat 03-Jul-04 01:17:06

This is gonna be expensive....

Slinky Sat 03-Jul-04 01:17:23

I usually give a little gift at Christmas or if one of the kids has moved up a room (this is at the nursery).

Also buy a little gift for the teachers at school at the end of Summer Term (which reminds me - haven't sorted that out yet and they finish 3 weeks on Tuesday!!!!).

In 4 weeks time, DD2 will be leaving nursery -very sad time - DD1 started there Jan. 1998, with DS1 following in, then DD2 - so have become VERY attached to the staff (also up until recently I was working there) - so this year I'm buying them something special for the actual nursery to use (had a sneaky look on their "wish list" ), plus buying something for DD2 Keyworker.

beetroot Sat 03-Jul-04 01:17:50

Message withdrawn

codswallop Sat 03-Jul-04 01:18:19

lol chique atita!

jampot Sat 03-Jul-04 01:18:33

Ds's teacher fancies Rachel Stevens and so I am trying to get him a signed photo.. very sad but true. Otherwise a bottle of red wine

beetroot Sat 03-Jul-04 01:18:51

Message withdrawn

popsycal Sat 03-Jul-04 01:19:31

ps jampot - sats results are on there way - we got science ones on friday
expect them this week....rooting for the level 6!!!1

cazzybabs Sat 03-Jul-04 01:33:44

You can't go wrong with wine! The think about chocolates and alike is that most teachers are women and hence always on a diet and they do get a lot of chocolates. I am sure you agress you can never have too much wine - or a nice bunch of flowers or even a little plant. Or book token - just thinking what I would like to get.

popsycal Sat 03-Jul-04 01:34:36

I once got a poster of robbie williams with is inside my cupboard at work

xoz Sat 03-Jul-04 02:09:51

Thanks for the guidance... I'll have to think about whether to do the group or individual thing (problem is that I don't know all their names so group gift is looking good!)

blossomhill Sun 04-Jul-04 00:05:29

Last year I got my son's teacher a beanie owl (which had a teachers hat and cape) with class of 2003 on it. I thought it was really original and a good keepsake.

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