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School admissions and proof of address: being registered at a GP near work

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SouthLondonDaddy Fri 17-Mar-17 10:13:20

I live in South London and work in central London. I am registered with a GP near my office, because a while ago some GPs ran a trial whereby they accepted registrations from people who work, but don't live, in their catchment areas. This is extremely convenient for me, otherwise I'd have to take half a day off for a 10-minute GP appointment!
Wife and child are registered at a GP near where we live.

The question is: could being registered at a GP in another area (another local authority) being in any way held against us when we apply for primary schools?

I understand councils are cracking down on fraudulent applications, and rightly so, so they verify electoral records, council tax records, and - I have heard - even GP registrations.

My conscience is clean: we do not own nor rent nor have access to any other property (if I could afford to live in zone 1 I'd be a squillionaire and wouldn't need to work!); even if the council were to demand my GP records, they would see I am registered at my office address, and it takes a second to verify that is my office address, not a residential one.

I have no idea how exactly councils go about their checks, and am simply worried that some kind of semi-automated rule (no GP registration in the council --> he's a bad guy!) would cause our application to be treated as fraudulent when, in fact, it isn't.

Is anyone in, or has anyone heard of, a similar situation?


2014newme Fri 17-Mar-17 10:16:17

No. Where you are registered for doctor matters not. They don't look at that. Calm down.

Jackiebrambles Fri 17-Mar-17 10:20:04

No. This doesn't matter at all. Our family GP is in a different london borough to where we live.

I've just applied for my son (also London) and what you need is:
1) current proof of address - council tax bill or similar.
2) proof of parental responsibility - child benefit letter or long birth certificate.

Jackiebrambles Fri 17-Mar-17 10:21:16

I can't imagine they would have time or the inclination to check beyond that!

SquirmOfEels Fri 17-Mar-17 10:27:05

Presumably the DC is registered with a local practice, as I doubt your DW schleps them along your commute for appointments. And your practice might not be local but will have your current address recorded.

So if they are checking that carefully, your address should still stack up.

Council tax is the key one, and the pan-London system checks automatically across all boroughs. So as long as that shows one family address only you should be OK.

SouthLondonDaddy Fri 17-Mar-17 10:37:34

My GP has my office address only, not my home address, as they requested proof that I work nearby.
The worst that can happen is that they see another address (my office address) associated to my GP, but it is very straightforward to verify that that is the registered address of my employer, that it's not a residential address and that I couldn't possibly live there.

Mmm, Ok, so it seems it shouldn't be a problem - thanks!

tiggytape Fri 17-Mar-17 12:42:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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