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Looking for tuition for my kids in Liverpool

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mamafoulkes Wed 15-Mar-17 16:18:51


We have just moved to Liverpool and I was wondering if anyone can recommend any after school tutoring places in south liverpool for my three kids; generally one is preparing for her KS2 SAT, and the other 2 will be doing their GCSE exams next year.
I have looked at a few places online but would appreciate reviews from parents before I make a decision.
Thanks in advance.

alcentres Fri 17-Mar-17 10:50:20

hi mamafoulkes,

Welcome to Liverpool. Hope you are enjoying living in this beautiful city. Anyway, saw your question and can obviously see you want the best for your kids. Since you mentioned you live south liverpool, I would recommend trying who offer private tuition and operate various kids clubs for kids from an early age to A-level.
I have only mentioned this as I live close to this centre in Allerton and one of my friend takes her kids and sings praises of the performance she saw in a few months of taking her kids there.
Anyway, the bets way is to visit the centre yourself and speak to the staff before you enrolling your kids. All the best mamafoulkes.

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