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Greenacre/Priory/Bramley closures/merger in Banstead (United Learning)

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Bansteadmum Sat 11-Mar-17 08:26:31

I was considering Bramley (private, all girls, to age 11) for DD and have read online that the school is closing, as are Priory (boys to 11) and Greenacre (girls, through to secondary) in banstead, and there will be a new mixed sex prep school on the Greenacre site, up to age 11. Owner is United Learning, which took over then made big changes to some Reigate schools a couple of years ago.

I presume it was for economic reasons.

Very sorry for the families affected , particularly older girls at Greenacre coming up to exams.

I guess I'm wondering whether to look at the new school, or whether this is too risky; and also whether the owners are trustworthy given how families with DC currently at the schools might have been treated.

Bansteadmum Sat 11-Mar-17 08:27:35

So I'd be interested in any local views/information.

Fedupagain1975 Sat 11-Mar-17 10:51:50

From what I hear, the new Banstead Prep is going to be very boy heavy, as a lot of the Greenacre girls are leaving due to them wanted it to be girls only and are not happy with a United Learning. I think a lot of the Bramely girls are going to Chinthurst (who have just joined Reigate Grammar) or Aberdour, both who are great schools. My view of the new school is it is being run by someone who was employed as the head in September (we heard this from the CEO himself) when the decision to close the schools had not even been made??? Are United Learning to be trusted only when things are going well, I been told! They are done great things at Dunottar. But the way the Greenacre families have been treated has been awful, even now the remaining girls who are there until the end of the year are going to have to put up with a lot of building work while they are trying to do their GCSE and A levels and United Learning don't care at all!

Bansteadmum Sat 11-Mar-17 11:15:58

Thank you very much for responding.

I didn't like aberdour much when we looked round - quite a few of the staff came across as unfriendly, and it seemed very traditional, eg children expected to stand up whenever adults entered the room.

Chinthurst seemed "tired". Interesting that it's now linked to REigate Grammar, but on the dunottar threads there were complaints about how RGS had managed things on that.

Fedupagain1975 Sat 11-Mar-17 11:37:28

I haven't looked at Aberdour or Chinthurst as my girls are too old, so only going on what other people have said. My friend daughter has just gone to Aberdour and they love it, but they come from Greenacre which is quite traditional too... not sure about the standing up thing though!! Plus it never a good sign if the staff are rude 😲 With Chinthurst, have heard nothing but great things, though again not been around. Yes, I had read those Dunottar threads but have to say we spoke to RGS about sending the girls there and they were lovely. Spend time talking about options for the girls and were very concerned about the girls welfare when they didn't really need to be. So I think everyone does have a different view depending on their experience! Chinthurst is also just got a new head through the merge who might make some changes for the better?

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