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Dr. Challoner High School

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Mumof2D Wed 08-Mar-17 11:32:13

Hi all,
How difficult is it to get in Dr. Challoner High School (Grammar school for girls) if you are living in the catchment area? Also, any suggestion on feeding primary schools to this secondary school?

underneaththeash Wed 08-Mar-17 13:32:10

If you live in the catchment area and pass the 11+ test you're pretty much guaranteed a place. How old is your daughter? if she's not naturally academic it wouldn't be the right place for her. Local comprehensives are okay, but as they have creamed off the brightest children, then can struggle to get good teachers.

Generally around about the top third of children pass their 11+, you need to do some extra prep with them the year before they sit it (so they sit at the start of year 6, so most of the prep is done in year 5).

Little chalfont school gets a lot of their children in, but you have to live very close to the school to get in and housing in Little Chalfont is very expensive.

Lots of parents send their children to local prep schools, many of them have a high 11+ pass rate eg.high march in beaconsfield.

Mumof2D Wed 08-Mar-17 14:33:15

Thanks for the reply. I have 2 daughters, 1 in year one and other in preschool. Therefore we have to see where can she get in - year admissions and good school for younger one.
You wrote , Dr. Challoner is very academic. Does it mean it lacks in extra curriculars? Can you share some more thoughts on the school if you know about it?
Was looking at Elegani, St Mary Amersham....
You are right Properties around Little Chalfonts are scarce and expensive..

gutrotweins Wed 08-Mar-17 22:13:51

Just to clarify.

Pupils at private primaries 'opt in' to sit the 11+ (i.e. children expected to pass sit the test, and the pass rate is very high).

Pupils at state primaries 'opt out' of sitting the test (ie. the test is open to all, the the pass rate is obviously much lower).

11+ coaching is a massive business, with many children from better-off families being coached from Y4+. Hence the difference in pass rates between state primaries.

underneaththeash Thu 09-Mar-17 12:26:44

Mum Dr Challoners is very academic as that's what it does - it teaches the more academically able children, so if you have a borderline child, they can struggle. They do have similar extra-curricular activities activities to other schools, but I understand that some of the less academic subjects are being stealthily downgraded.

Grammar schools do suffer with funding for the extra subjects as they often have less money per pupil as they have less children who qualify for pupil premium.

If your child is right for the school though, its a fantastic school and gets great exam results.

Mumof2D Fri 10-Mar-17 09:36:12

Hi underneaththeash,
Thanks for your post. When it come to internet, one can read all sort of good and bad for anything. Same goes for DCH's review. My only concern is a review I read about the school not having great ethnic mix? Is it worrying? Is there any sort of bullying and all, if you know about?

notquiteruralbliss Fri 17-Mar-17 20:54:44

We have had DCs at DCHS and CGS and found both to be pretty good academically but not that inspiring. We found them a bit narrow in outlook and non academic subjects have little funding.

bojorojo Fri 17-Mar-17 23:06:00

There is not the greatest ethnic mix in the catchment. Wycombe High is different.

You won't get into any sought after primary school in that area unless you live in catchment. You need to look at the Bucks CC Admissions info to check these out. Little Chalfont school has always been extra popular. Please be aware though, that no primary school coaches for the 11 plus. If a school has a high level of success at 11 plus, this reflects the school population and not coaching by the school.

No school is a feeder for a grammar school. It is where you live that counts.

For YR admission, you need to live in catchment of the school you want by the January before your child will be admitted to school the following September. You won't find places coming up very often at Little Chalfont, Chestnut Lane or Elangeni or St Mary's . If you are thinking of moving then consider very carefully where you want to live and what primary might be available. I can assure you that not all get 30% 11 plus success rate. There are massive differences just a mile or so apart.

Grammar schools are academic. They have virtually no FSM or pupil premium children or even SEND children so inevitably their funding is a bit lower. Bucks is also a low spending authority on schools. It may well be that they will not be able to fund everything but they have plenty of very high earning parents!!! And are the best complainers out there!

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