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Healthy eating - Kids health - Workshop

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mariermn Fri 03-Mar-17 10:27:20


My name is Marie Ramon-Daré and I am a french student in MA Industrial Design at the Central Saint Martins school of London (UAL).

We started our graduation project in October and my research question is: How can design help consumers make informed choices in supermarkets by reimagining their in-store experience?

I have spent the four last months exploring the notions of healthy eating and ethical consumption which are current concerns in our society.
Thanks to my research and collaboration with experts I am willing to develop two concepts:

1. An interface for adults linking several stakeholders (retailers/producers, healthcare services and consumers) in order to give consumers the opportunity to be actors in the decision making process.

2. In addition to this app I would like to develop a game for children (5-10 year old). This interface will be proposed at the entrance of the supermarket and will explain to the children about the importance of eating healthy products. Choosing their character, they will be given some missions (for example: «Would you be able to recognize 3 products which are made with milk? Take a picture when you see one of them.». Then, the character will teach them the advantages of a healthy eating in their everyday life.

As I need children to test my second concept I would like to organise workshops to present my idea to children and play with them. I would need to ask them a few questions, show them my 3 models to see which one would be more suitable to their hands and the last part would be to go through the story and missions using a card game I would have created for this purpose.

Having difficulties to organise this workshop, my teacher recommended me to post a message on this platform and that you might be able to help me with my request.

If you have any advice or are interested in participating in my workshop with your kids do not hesitate to contact me and I would be pleased to discuss with you!

Thank you for your time smile

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