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St. Anne's Catholic School, Southampton

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doglover Fri 02-Mar-07 21:17:39

I'd be very grateful if anyone out there could offer opinions/views about this girls school. I've looked at the website and am impressed by the latest OFSTED report but would welcome any other input. My dd is only in Y3 but our local secondary schools are pretty woeful and we would seriously consider moving if necessary. My best friend's dd has just failed to get into their first choice school and they are absolutely devastated. I really don't want us to be in that posititon in a couple of years time. Positive and negative views equally welcomed! Many thanks.

Anchovy Sat 24-Mar-07 13:31:40

Ooh, me! me! miss! <Anchovy jumps up and down and puts her hand up>

I went there!

But I left, erm, 25 years ago, so no real info. However my mother used to be a governor there and still "knows" the school quite well - she used to teach at two of the "feeder" schools outside Southampton - and she certainly rates it.

Tommy Sat 24-Mar-07 16:56:34

Hi doglover - there are girls from lots of different schools so your DD won't be the only one who might come on her own. In my day, we certainly had an induction day where the classes would meet their tutors and so on. We didn't particularly have a strategy as such but I don't remember it being a problem. There is a 7 form entry so pupils from the feeder schools are all spread out anyway.

They do have an open evening which, presumably is open to the public so you could go along to that however old your DD is. IIRC, it will be in July (I think) or, if not, September. There sometimes have an advert in the Echo about it so it's not by invitation only or anything. I could always find out when it is and let you know anyway.

I'm not entirely sure what the admissions criteria are anymore but if you are a practising CE you would be higher up that list than if you weren't IYSWIM. Also the music thing would help - not sure how that works as it came in towards the end of my teaching time there.

Hope that helps - can't think of anything else at the moment but if I can, let me know.

Tommy Sat 24-Mar-07 16:57:14

(Anchovy - might we know each other? I left there as a pupil in 1983!)

Anchovy Sat 24-Mar-07 19:23:50

Tommy - how funny - do you want to CAT me? I left in 1982, so must have been in the year above you (assuming you left after the sixth form).

I have an unusual name (which is why I am suggesting CAT and not giving my email as I only have a name related addy). I was house captain so its also up on a board somewhere!

How funny to go back and teach there! I bet you have lots of gossip I would be interested in!

Do you have any ongoing association with the school? I live in London and my children are very small (if you do the maths you can work out I am one of those nature-defying, career-orientated late breeders that the Daily Mail so dislike!). My parents live in Winchester (which is where I was brought up) and I think have random contact with the school (they are uber-Catholic!)

doglover Sat 24-Mar-07 22:48:52

Thanks for the comments everyone. I suppose our questions really are focussed on the ethos of the school. Can the keen, motivated girls actually get on and LEARN and the teachers actually TEACH without the constant misbehaviour and disruptions which prevail in our local secondary schools? I know no school is perfect, but we just want our 2 dds to have a decent standard of education and not to be made to feel like freaks if they do well. As a teacher myself (primary), I'm pretty realistic about schools but hope that St Anne's can offer more of nurturing, accepting environment than seems to be the norm around here! We all know that girls can be incredibly bitchy and I assume that there is a strong anti-bullying policy in place which takes a low-tolerance view of this behaviour.

Tommy Sun 25-Mar-07 20:18:19

hi there - was chatting to a friend who teaches there today. He says that, behaviour wise, it certainly is better than a lot of schools and there are plenty of "good" girls who just want to get on and work. It is not generally seen as particularly abnormal to want to do this!

However, I would add that it is, of course, a comprehensive school so there are plenty of pupils from all walks of life IYSWIM. When I taught there (bearing in mind I left 9 years ago - blimey - where did that time go?!) I got fed up of all the usual politics etc but did know that I could go into my classroom, shut the door and actually enjoy the teaching - something that I did not exoperience in the next school I went to because the behaviour was so poor in all the groups, not just in some as was the case at St Anne's.

It sounds to me like your DDs would probably enjoy it there and that you would like it as well - all you can do is try! You are "in catchment" as it were - the Catholic primary in Lymington is a feeder school so there would be other girls from your area so that wouldn't an issue.

BTW, the private school Hedege End way is called The Kings School which is wuite small as far as I can gather but run by an Evangelical Church which may or may not be to your liking.

doglover Sun 25-Mar-07 21:06:22

Continued thanks, Tommy, for all this useful information. It's certainly helping us to get a realistic picture of the school which is exactly what we'd hoped to do. We really appreciate everyones' contributions

Blogspot Thu 18-Apr-13 19:08:42

St annes is amazing if you still want to know. Im a st annes student and i absolutly love it. if youve heard about students being crazy about the lenth of their skirts or the amount of make up they put on then your most likly to have heard a lie. yes people come to school with make up abd short skirts but teachers are strict about it. they make you remove the make up and shout up the stairs saying i can see your pants so dont be scared that your dd could turn in to a short skirted orange. anyway, st annes is amazing. everyone is really nice and its a lovely atmosphere. yes we have to go off site for pe but it gives us a chance to get fresh air and see the big wide world. its also great in terms of results. ive gone up a whole level scince primary ( im in yr 7 so dont think im in like yr 10 and have only gone up 1 level) and i went to a really bad primary so i defently recomend st annes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogspot Thu 18-Apr-13 19:12:12

also im a c of e that came on her own so i no how it feels to be the only one from your school but trust me, ive made soo many friends but keep up with my old ones still

Talkinpeace Thu 18-Apr-13 20:11:00

6 year old thread : much has changed in Southampton since it was started.
Skirt length at St Annes not being one of those things (it is unchanged since I lived in the Polygon in the 1980's)

eatyourveg Fri 19-Apr-13 21:42:14

yes much has changed since I was there too - the demise of the toilet nun is shameful wink

ziggyzugg Sat 17-Aug-13 00:04:14

Sister Bog -we used to call her- always knitting wasn't she?

ziggyzugg Sat 17-Aug-13 00:04:35

Sister Bog -we used to call her- always knitting wasn't she?

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