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A degree in Wildlife Conservation or Biological Sciences?

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changeyourusername2 Mon 27-Feb-17 01:02:57

DD has offers for a couple of unis, with these subjects. She thinks she wants to work with animals, but still has an interest in human biology (the idea of helping with post mortems, etc) but thinks this is just a faze and ultimately will want to work with animals.

Which degree would be better??

titchy Mon 27-Feb-17 07:43:53

Bio sci. Much more well regarded and will give her a proper background from which to specialise.

JustRichmal Mon 27-Feb-17 08:35:51

What is the difference between what is studied in Biological science, Zoology, Wildlife Conservation and a degree in veterinary science? Is there a website which outlines what is studied in each?
Which universities are seen as good for animal science type degrees?

bojorojo Mon 27-Feb-17 12:44:36

I know there are very few Vet Schools (7?) and the competition to get in is fierce. This leads to direct qualification as a vet - I believe the others do not. The broader the degree, the great the opportunity to specialise after the degree. A narrow field such as wildlife conservation is just that. The Vet Schools don't just do Vet Med, they do other animal related courses as well. I think many of these are highly regarded. I would not say a narrow field of animal study is the best course but it depends on A level grades, the A levels taken and work experience.

Ta1kinPeace Mon 27-Feb-17 21:01:04

Do a degree that allows you to change your mind later

Bio every time

lljkk Tue 28-Feb-17 09:04:17

Can you link to the course she has offer to place on?
I work with people who started in animal science who now work in public health, or mathematical modelling. It depends what the degree is composed of.

CookieDoughKid Tue 28-Feb-17 23:17:27

Bio science as it keeps her career options open.

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