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Education budget cuts

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Toetwiggler Fri 24-Feb-17 12:02:17

*Cuts to Education Budgets *

The Government’s Education Funding policies will lead to a projected cut in the budget for schools by 3 billion by 2019. This cut is the equivalent of a reduction in spending of at least £428 per pupil which if implemented will lead to a massive reduction of teachers and support staff.

These cuts are the result of not increasing per pupil funding in line with inflation and the Government implementation of a national funding formula which will affect all schools in Enfield and all over England.

We encourage parents to use the “Schools Cuts” website ( to identify the cuts to their local schools. Type in your post code to see how your local school will be affected.

There is a day of action across the country tomorrow and in Enfield Town where we are due to loose nearly 600 teachers in this borough alone we are holding a campaign and information stand Saturday 25th February 11am onwards Barclays and Nandos to raise awareness of how we'll be affected and what we can all do about it .

Get involved in your area, we need to join together to fight all council budget cuts.

Growingpeopleme Fri 24-Feb-17 13:21:00

Amazing parent led group have set up his brilliant website with tons of resources if you want get active on the funding cuts.

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