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Private Educational psychologist

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flatwhite45 Thu 23-Feb-17 20:48:05

Am posting this for a friend who is at a loss as to how she should go about finding a good, private Educational psychologist. Any suggestions would be gratefully received

AlexanderHamilton Thu 23-Feb-17 20:48:52

I can reccomend an excellent one in the North West.

LIZS Thu 23-Feb-17 21:00:54

Senco recommendation, or try patoss website

IAmcuriousyellow Thu 23-Feb-17 21:05:17

I found one in the south west from a google search. I chose that particular one because they were "chartered" which i understand is a cut above a regular ed psych. Paid around 350 for a very thorough report, involving a full afternoon with my child. Yes a huge amount of money but it enabled me to get a big lever under the school DC was in at the time.

hackneyzoo Thu 23-Feb-17 21:06:39

Your friends could try using the search engine on the BPS Website or contacting the AEP directly and asking how to go about it. They are generally really helpful. If you are in the NE pm me.

BoogleMcGroogle Thu 23-Feb-17 21:08:48

Use the Association of Child Psychologists in Private Practice website. You can find someone local to you by putting your postcode in. PM me if you are in London/ East. I'm an EP but not doing private work but can give you a couple of names of good people.

BoogleMcGroogle Thu 23-Feb-17 21:10:17

Don't contact the AEP - they are our trade Union and have a tiny staff. No way do they have capacity to help with finding private EP's for parents.

hackneyzoo Thu 23-Feb-17 21:12:54

Iamcurious...I think all Ed Psychs are chartered as they have to be registered / eligible for BPS membership (with a Psy degree or equiv) and the HCPC (after they complete doctorate.)

BoogleMcGroogle Thu 23-Feb-17 21:13:08

Also, any ED Psych can be chartered, it doesn't mean they are any better- just that they have paid their British Psychological Society subs. I'm chartered and certainly not 'a cut above' colleagues who are not- just two hundred quid poorer each year! You should make sure they are HCPC registered- that's how you know they adhere to professional standards.

BoogleMcGroogle Thu 23-Feb-17 21:14:34

Sorry- cross posted with hackney. There's novrequitment to be chartered. Just HCPC registered.

hackneyzoo Thu 23-Feb-17 21:15:09

Boogle, the AEP were really helpful, not in finding an Ed Psych but in telling a friend how to go about it.

IAmcuriousyellow Thu 23-Feb-17 21:17:28

Ah ok thank you.. it was a good few years ago now! I must be getting cloudy in my old age. I was so relieved at the time, i was getting stonewalled by the school and the report totally vindicated everything i was saying. I hope the OPs friend can find the support they need.

BoogleMcGroogle Thu 23-Feb-17 21:17:52

That's nice to hear hackney. I know they are very busy in their office- especially with all the Austerity issues, as most of us work for the local authorities. I was just a bit concerned they might get a bit deluged- as there's only about 3 of them- all lovely whenever I've needed to speak with them!

IvorHughJarrs Thu 23-Feb-17 21:19:56

Where are you OP? I can also recommend one in the North West. Wonder if it is the same one as AlexanderHamilton?

LtGreggs Thu 23-Feb-17 21:23:43

I phoned Dyslexia Scotland, who supplied a list of recommended people.

AlexanderHamilton Thu 23-Feb-17 21:24:47

Have taken dd & DS to two different ones. The first was very expensive, & didn't really seem to listen. She went very much by the book wheras DS didn't fit all boxes. She wanted further appointments but we'd already spent over £1000. Based near Poynton.

The 2nd was reccomended by the senco at dd's school he was fantastic. Half the price and seemed more interested in how to help dd & DS. Based in Alderley Edge.

flatwhite45 Fri 24-Feb-17 06:52:09

Thank you so much everyone!! I will forward this to my friend. She is based in south west London

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