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NL/Herts Independent School Prep School Options

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WGCMUM17 Wed 22-Feb-17 22:01:30


I am looking to move DC to an Independent School in the North London/Hertfordshire area.

I am worried about the entrance exams.

DD is bright but was not successful at St Albans (Wheathamstead House) entrance exam for Year 2. She is now in a good state school in Year 4.

DS (Reception) is definitely a little slower than expected for his age and I am concerned that he will not be able to pass the entrance assessments.

I do not want put them through assessments at many different schools. I think with the right support and in the right environment, they can both go on to do really well.

Any advice at what good Independent Schools I should be looking at?

Preferably co-educational.

I want them both to be in an environment where they can make good progress, achieve their potential and continue to develop their love for sports.

Thank you

bojorojo Thu 23-Feb-17 16:14:05

Why don't you just wait for DD and have a look at Queenswood for age 11. Selective but not hugely. Very sporty. This is a popular choice for people living in N. London/Herts. You avoid the exams for the prep and there would only be one exam at age 11. It is perfectly possible to get into Queenswood from a state school. Then you can concentrate on your DS. Not sure about boys and co-ed I'm afraid other than Haileybury.

user1466518624 Thu 23-Feb-17 18:10:30

You are spolied for choice there is Heathmount, St Edmunds, Sherradswood, St Josephs in the Park none of which are overly selective and all co-ed.

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