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Co-ed or single sex primary better for girls?

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user1473882712 Tue 21-Feb-17 22:07:02

I have 2 little girls with the eldest starting primary next year, I always thought I'd send them to a girls primary but there is a very good co-ed primary near us. Both the girls are very girly however they play brilliantly with the boys in school & in the neighbourhood so I think they may miss them if they went to a single sex primary... We are defintely sending them to an all girls secondary as there is an outstanding one nearby (if they get in that is!)
Does co-ed make girls more confident in primary or the opposite?
So basically can you give me the advantages of one over the other? Thanks

bojorojo Wed 22-Feb-17 00:54:59

Mine went to both. Quite frankly they turned out the same! I would say the DD with boys took very little notice of them and the DD without boys never missed them. She never wanted them when she did have them in infant school. Occasionally the boys made them laugh. More often the boys irritated them. Mostly they tolerated them. When they wanted boyfriends - that was different!

Base your choice on the education that is best, not the sex of the other children. Mine went to girls' boarding schools. They didn't miss boys there either!

Canadawet Wed 22-Feb-17 08:15:04

Both DDs started in a co-ep primary but moved to a girls school in year 4 and 3 respectively and it was a very good move I think. When they are very young boys and girls play well together but boys tend to become loud, competitive, disruptive and generally annoying IMO later on, so girls have a better education in a girls school. For secondary school I don't know.

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