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Primary schools in Brighton

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MissDirection Mon 20-Feb-17 18:36:38

We are moving to Brighton in the summer. My DD will be going in to Y6 and my DS Y2. We want to move to Preston Park area. I'd love some advice on which primary schools are relaxed about SATS and homework. My kids are presently attending a Montessori Primary school in London where the ethos is child led learning and they have blossomed under this system. I am pretty against testing and homework for primary school kids and although I understand that they will be entering into a system that will be using these things I am keen to find as relaxed an attitude as possible. Any advice/suggestions of schools to look at would be gratefully received.

sushimaniac Fri 24-Feb-17 16:37:10

have a look at Middle Street - has a very relaxed and friendly vibe but have no first hand experience re: SATS/homework but my guess would be that they have it in perspective.

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