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blackheath prep pre-school

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kimann Wed 15-Feb-17 22:14:11

Hi all!

Posting in here and in primary education for traffic - hope you don't mind! smile

Just a couple of questions, anyone have experience with regards to the assessment of the school? We are having ours in about a month. Not sure what the assessment is about and the school is pretty secretive about it (not sure if its secrecy or they change it from time to time so can't really advise parents)



user1492521358 Tue 18-Apr-17 14:30:07

Hi Kim, thanks for bringing this up. I am looking for similar information. Please can you share your experience with us and how it went? This will be very useful for us parents who have anxiety issues smile Thanks!

chameleon71 Tue 18-Apr-17 15:18:19

not sure anyone currently going through the process will share up to date info with you - you might be a competitor!

the kids go in by themselves and do a range of things with a qualified nursery/reception teacher. v random stuff like jigsaws, drawing pictures, naming colours etc. All dressed up as fun. No need for anyone to be anxious about the experience.

suspect the secrecy is to discourage any form of excessive preparation?

Odds not in your favour though -school massively over-subscribed and some of the sparkiest 3 year olds I've known didn't get in. Didn't stop them doing v well elsewhere.

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