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North London mums - where to live for highgate school

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toddlermom Tue 14-Feb-17 19:46:05

Hi all,

First time posting. DD just got accepted into Highgate School which is great, now we just need to buy a house to make the commute bearable! Apparently it's hellish from Hampstead. There's hardly anything for sale in Highgate (though we'd love to live there) and not sure if we like Hampstead Garden Suburb or Muswell Hill. Any ideas or recommendations please? Thanks in advance!

LilaGrace Tue 14-Feb-17 20:03:02

Depends on your budget and the kind of house you're looking for....?

toddlermom Tue 14-Feb-17 20:47:56

Am more looking for info on the areas - not the houses specifically - as in if the commute from Hampstead is do-able and what the commute is like from other areas. We're going to narrow it down to the area first and then look at houses. Thanks!

FanDabbyFloozy Tue 14-Feb-17 21:00:29

Have you considered East Finchley or even further out on the Northern Line?

Highgate is very accessible by tube.

LilaGrace Tue 14-Feb-17 21:08:49

Maybe consider Crouch End- the Highgate side of Crouch End is particularly lovely. Muswell Hill is very nice, and some parts of East Finchley too (good bus and tube service to Highgate). Many people travel from Hampstead to Highgate (or the opposite direction) for schools- I wouldn't rule out Hampstead on distance if it's affordable for you.

ForalltheSaints Tue 14-Feb-17 21:09:47

Totteridge is not too far and easy on the tube.

toddlermom Tue 14-Feb-17 21:41:04

Thank you for these! I'd be driving as school is nowhere near the tube (1.5miles) but I'll have a look at the driving routes.

Thefishtankneedswater Tue 14-Feb-17 21:42:03

Muswell Hill also get's my vote

Mary21 Tue 14-Feb-17 22:36:34

Crouch end.
Although you say you would drive long term you may well want dc to be able to get to school on their own.. if worst came to the worst they could walk or cycle( up hill).

NWgirls Wed 15-Feb-17 01:38:41

OP: You say "I'd be driving as school is nowhere near the tube (1.5miles)"

According to mu map Highgate School is 0.5 miles from Highgate tube. Not sure why you think driving there twice a day at rush hour - especially when you can actually choose where to live (i.e. a good/great transport connection) - is a good idea...

LilaGrace Wed 15-Feb-17 07:24:01

I wondered about the distance from the tube too- if you're at the building at the top of north hill/corner of southwood Lane then it's definitely not 1.2 miles- it's only 0.5 miles. But I know there's a site around Bishopswood road somewhere- that is much further away.

dinkystinky Wed 15-Feb-17 10:54:52

Archway? Driving will be a nightmare so do consider bus routes if tube is out - my friend drives from NW6 to Highgate school twice a day and says the worst of the traffic is always near the school

MrsMarigold Wed 15-Feb-17 11:04:11

Crouch End or Muswell Hill or Highgate itself.

Iwantawhippet Thu 16-Feb-17 18:51:20

Between Crouch End and the Archway Road has lots of great Victorian terraces of differing sizes. You'd be able to walk. Also Whitehall Park is lovely and walking distance, but you could hop on a bus for part of the way. There are a few roads off Highgate Hill just up from Archway - Despard Road and so on - you could combine bus and walking.

CB2009 Thu 16-Feb-17 22:06:53

Well done to your DD. Our son is now in Y3 & we are all very happy. We live in W Hampstead. Travel fine. We drive. Go early. You can breakfast at school with your child. Plenty of after school clubs which spread out pick up. Only slight pain is back across the Heath after morning drop off but there are back routes. Parents come from Muswell Hill. Archway. Hampstead. Finchley. All over. It is a popular school ;-)

yessirnosir Sun 19-Feb-17 10:03:02

What about Holly Lodge estate or Dartmouth Park? Should be easy to get a bus up the hill. I personally would do anything to avoid getting in a car at school run time anywhere in the area!

newmummycwharf1 Fri 22-Sep-17 08:56:06

Hello @toddlermum. Our son just got shortlisted for Highgate interview for 3+. Any tips on the assessment? What was the experience like?

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