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How to solve this issue? Advice please.

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jimijack Sun 12-Feb-17 19:53:15

Ds is 13, he struggles with maths.

I have a friend who's son aged 15 is brilliant at maths, he has suffered to do an hour once a week with ds maths tuition.

Ds knows this lad a bit, they don't go to the same school, don't have any contact, have met once or twice, got on ok.

Ds is totally against this, says he won't go.

I have a phone number for a maths tutor, again one hour once a week to help, support and increase his confidence.
Again, ds is adamant he won't go, very against it.
I think he is lazy and cant be arsed,
He will give me no explanation at all about why he is so against the idea.

I have told him to chose, one or the other, either way he is getting the help.

How would you tackle this, how can I help ds when he is so against accepting the help?
Thanks x

yeOldeTrout Sun 12-Feb-17 20:33:04

How much does he struggle, on course for a C or a G? Does it matter if he only gets a C?

I totally understand why he's against the 15yo, that's a peer he has to admit to that he can be a bit slow/not able, of course he can't do that.

Does he hope that by hiding head in sand the problem will go away or get better by itself?

PurpleDaisies Sun 12-Feb-17 20:39:34

Don't send him to a fifteen year old. If you're seriously worried about his maths get him a proper experienced tutor. Just because someone is brilliant at maths doesn't mean they're any good at explaining it, knowing what the syllabus requires and advising on exam technique.

I'd bribe him to have a few sessions with a tutor in your own home and see. I often work with students like this and once they realise you're non-scary and actually helpful it's usually fine.

Is he genuinely struggling or just lazy? Lazy students don't often benefit much from a tutor.

jimijack Sun 12-Feb-17 21:18:22

Thanks very much for replies.

I think he struggles, once shown he is really good but has this block...can't do it, can't do it can't do it, any excuse to not do the work.
He is also lazy.

I know he will hugely benefit from the help.
Confidence needs boosting.

jimijack Sun 12-Feb-17 21:19:41

He is not performing as he should, below each report.

happygardening Sun 12-Feb-17 21:52:33

DS1 is absolutely crap at math DS2 is a math genius there's only an academic year between them. I never asked DS2 to help or expected DS1 to have gone to hm for help. DS2 maybe brilliant but he's not a math teacher he struggles to understand why math is not obvious to others and even if he did he's not the person to teach his brother.
Find your DS a very experienced and sympathetic tutor who can relate to your DS1 issues with math and knows how to teach him in such a way that your DS can understand it.
Your DS may be lazy but on the other hand he might be genuinely struggling and avoiding math because he just doesn't understand it.

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