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Can anyone recommend some good playground games for reception children?

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earlgrey Wed 28-Feb-07 06:16:20

They really have so little in the way of equipment, it would be nice to teach them some. I know "What's the time Mr Wolf" but that's about it.

Also, I cannot for the life of me remember if they're co-ordinated enough at this age for skipping ropes. I'd like to badger the head for some but will be if they can't use them.


alcyone Wed 28-Feb-07 10:15:30

Hi, i worked in a playgroup with pre reception and reception age children.
We found it difficult to get the children to join in with organised activities.
They tended to want to run about and get rid of pent up energy.
Most enjoyed role play and imaginative play, plastic tea set etc, or ride ons.
That's my experience,hope it helps!

alcyone Wed 28-Feb-07 10:49:17

That wasn't much help, sorry!

Ladymuck Wed 28-Feb-07 16:39:00

"It" and Stick int he mud seem to be favourties as dcs school in addition to "What's the time Mr Wolf". Skipping ropes aren't allowed, though footballs are but reception not so interested.

bakedpotato Wed 28-Feb-07 16:45:01

duck-duck-goose is popular, I hear...
DD is in reception, she can't skip.

bakedpotato Wed 28-Feb-07 16:45:24

also interested in hopskotch

Hulababy Wed 28-Feb-07 16:48:54

DD is in reception age class and learnt to skip, with a rope, last term - she was more proud of that than learning to read The slightly older children in classes above showed them how to.

They also have hopscotch on the playgorund floor, and a big number circle thing (a bit like a dartbord that they use for games. Oh and an alphabet snake.

Just asked DD what she plays with her frineds: skipping, hopscotch, role/imaginitive play, and a chasing game.

Hulababy Wed 28-Feb-07 16:50:39

Also Gap Gap Team?????? They put their arms round each others shoulders and walk around shouting Gap Gap Team, and then chase people - there seems to be some rule sbut DD isn't explaining them clearrly. Apparantly PP1-PP3 play it together??? Think it must be made up!

DrMarthaMcMoo Wed 28-Feb-07 16:53:31

There was an article about playground games in yesterday's Guardian - I can't link to it (can't find it) but it mentioned a few I've never heard of.

Something with "Runner Bean! Broad bean! Jumping Bean!" and other games like "Poison, Queenie, Whipping Tig, Snake's Tail and Dog and Bone". Anyone heard of those and know the rules?

There's a group called Phys Kids training who run sessions in primaries teaching the older children - who then teach the games to the younger ones.

How did we lose this knowledge? I used to play What's The Time, Mr Wolf?; In and Out the Fairy Bluebells...and one about a ship, iirc.

Sorry...that wasn't much use. I could post you the article if you like.

DrMarthaMcMoo Wed 28-Feb-07 16:54:30

Is this site any use?

DrMarthaMcMoo Wed 28-Feb-07 16:55:56

Similar site but UK

Woodlands Primary

Marscentio Wed 28-Feb-07 16:59:02

Now what's the name of the game where like What's the time Mr Wolf you have to walk up to the child at the front? That child calls out a letter and you can step forward however many times that letter is in your name.

Also... Please Mr Porter may I cross the water to put my baby to bed? Then Mr Porter replies only if you're wearing.... then names a colour etc.

earlgrey Thu 01-Mar-07 07:08:06

Wow, thank you all. MM, if you still have that article I'd love for you to send it to me. Are you CATable? I don't want to put my email addy on here since it's my real name. Will check out those sites after I've got dd2 off, thanks!

LM, do you know the reason why skipping ropes aren't allowed?

What is duck-duck-goose btw, bp?

Mars, have visions of child enjoying an enormous wind-up with Please Mr Porter, since their uniform is yellow and navy!!

DrMarthaMcMoo Thu 01-Mar-07 12:07:00

Yup, I'm CATable - send me your address and I'll pop it in the post

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