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Wimbledon High Junior School After School Clubs

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user1486244778 Sat 04-Feb-17 22:10:59

My daughter has been very fortunate and has received a place for 4+ entry at WHS. As both my husband and I work full time, we would appreciate to know which before and after school clubs most WHS children go.


nightswimming1 Sun 05-Feb-17 17:58:59

From memory there aren't many at all in reception. It's a gentle start and they don't want girls tired out with too many clubs. There is a great afterschool facility, Apple Pips, mon to thurs until 5.30. There's a selection of activities/games there to keep them busy and usually a handful from each year. There is not much on before school until the girls are much older and in (usually) selective sports squads and some music. Early waiting (supervised reading)begins at 8 in the hall but I don't think they take Receptions in the first term.

HolyFools Mon 06-Feb-17 00:17:37

Building Blocks has an after school and breakfast club which serves WHS, i.e.they drop off/pick up in a minibus and go back to their base at Dundonald Road.

ivy30 Mon 06-Feb-17 14:15:11

I think the previous poster covered it well. Reception girls are not allowed to use apple pips (at least for the first term) and there are no clubs for this age group. Even for the older years you can not rely on clubs to provide the childcare till the end of the day - most will finish earlier or will be on the out of school grounds (playing fields on nursery road), so they will not be able to do the club and then to go to Apple pips, which I found extremely inconvenient. The Apple Pips is good and it is not very busy, there are few girls who come regularly (because for those parents who work the pick up at 5-30 pm is too early and most will get picked up sooner), it is not open on Fridays, and they do not provide food, so your daughter needs to bring some snack. Apple Pips will be able to escort girls to Stagecoach class in the nearby church on Mansel Road and many parents find it very useful.
Another provider who picks up from WHS is Playdays on Wimbledon Hill. It is a very short walk, the kids will have a hot meal there and it is open till 6 pm.

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