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Prep schools Surrey/Hampshire

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vrid85 Fri 03-Feb-17 12:40:26

Hiya everyone,

My Ds is three and due to start prep school in September 2018, so far we have looked around The Royal School, Amesbury, St. Edmunds and Churchers junior school which all look lovely and we're totally torn!

Since Ds is so young we just want an 'all round' not too much of a hot house but still quite an accademic school. It is very important to me that children are given an excellent cultural and moral understanding of the society in which we live and DH is avery strong sportsman.
So far I have liked all the schools we have seen, especially the facilities at St Edmunds, however based on the IsI reports Churchers and Amesbury are coming out top but I am slightly concerned that Churchers has a new head..
I have heard good things about a highfield and Brookham but not keen to the mandatory Saturday school for such young pupils. We are also considering Barfield or Edgeborough.
Does anyone have children in or have experience of any of the aforementioned schools or other local preps? If so I would really appreciate your thoughts!!

BizzyFizzy Fri 03-Feb-17 20:58:13

Do you want the pre-prep to continue into its own prep school, and possibly senior school? Are you willing to change for Year 3? Do you envisage boarding in the future, and what is your ultimate goal for senior school?

The schools you have mentioned are all fine places but have their unique selling points. Another school in the general area is St Hilary's.

1Violetcream Fri 03-Feb-17 21:15:55

Definitely Amesbury!!!! Best one by a mile. Churchers.... v pushy/stressy lots of people say v negative things about it particularly for little ones. The Royal bit second rate compared to the others. St Edmunds in transitional phase, I felt a bit of a harsh environment. Amesbury amazing balance of work and fun, traditional yet very forward thinking. Children very happy and confident. Amazing staff and facilities. Great results but without stress. Head and shoulders above the rest. The Ines in the same league are Highfield school and edgeborough. But I don't have any inside info on them except that highfield very range rovers and top designer handbags only. Sorry written in haste!! That is a very quick and slightly crass summary!!! X

1Violetcream Fri 03-Feb-17 21:17:39

I mean .... the others in the same league!!!

hopgarden1 Sat 04-Feb-17 06:45:33

St Eds has been great for my children. We moved them from a local school you also mention as it wasn't up to scratch.
Everyone is different and we could have gone on looking at schools forever but in the end we went with our gut and I'm so pleased we did. We have children in all parts of nursery and prep.
Transitional as pp said- expanding and improving is possibly what she meant.
An excellent all round school

Tottyandmarchpane1 Sat 04-Feb-17 06:51:00

You need to go with your gut - which one feels best for your child. Mine are at Churcher's and absolutely love it - it suits my academic, my creative and my laid back child so I would say it is a good all rounder. BUT that's the point - a pp finds it pushy (but only has hearsay to go on) so you really have to decide for yourself. How we feel is not how your children will necessarily find any school. All of them are fine. Good luck!

trinity0097 Sat 04-Feb-17 16:20:50

I recently used to work at St. Ed's - it's a great school for all-rounders, and even though it goes up to 16 there are natural exit points at 11 and 13 if you decide to move to a different type of school for Seniors. They still prepare pupils for 11+ exams and Common Entrance.

vrid85 Mon 20-Mar-17 17:32:19

Hi everyone, thank you for the replies.

At the moment we really like Churchers I just love the caring, warm and nurturing ethos. I get the feeling that it encourages children to have empathy and understanding of those less fortunate than themselves, it just seems very down to earth. The new nursery is also particularly exemplary. However, the location (we would ideally prefer a Hindhead school) and the fact that it is not a true prep school casts some doubt in my mind.

Does anyone strongly feel that St. Edmunds or Amesbury also offer what I liked about Churchers?
Although I really liked St. Eds and was overwhelmed by the extra curricular opportunities it offered, I couldn't help but worry that it conveyed a 'them and us' type messaged and could create an over privileged egotistical child. Amesbury seemed a little cold, please correct me if I'm wrong and pushy.

Also, although I understand that all three schools have a high success rate on first choice of senior school, I have no idea about what they are like results wise. Which is better academically? I have heard that ST. Ed's may fall behind in terms of academia and uses it's impressive extra curricular programme to make up for it.

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