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Why should'nt DD to learn to write her name before she goes to school?

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LowFatMilkshake Mon 26-Feb-07 12:04:05

I have just got DD (3.5) from pre-school. Her keyworker showed me where she has been writing her name over the top of where he has written it for her, and also that she is writing 'I' and 'O'. He says this is a very good sign as she is ready to learn the next step of writing her name properly and forming other letters etc.

But he went on to say that's it's a contraversial step for her to learn this at her age as when she gets to school the teachers will want her to unlearn it and relearn it their way - as in National Cirriculum I suppose

I learned to write my name before school and am overjoyed DD is starting to try to do it.

Any thoughts you lot??

ledodgyDave Mon 26-Feb-07 12:05:02

My dd's preschool encourage them to write their name and are doing phonics with them.

ScummyMummy Mon 26-Feb-07 12:05:14

I think he's stirring. School won't care either way, ime.

LowFatMilkshake Mon 26-Feb-07 12:07:39

SM - the pre-school buidlig is within the school complex, although a completely seperate organisation. And this is the feedback they have been given.

TenaLady Mon 26-Feb-07 12:09:22

I have heard this before. Just check out how they do it within the curriculum and back it up.
Silly to hold her back because you are unsure as to what to do.

hana Mon 26-Feb-07 12:11:08

he sounds a bit odd
of course your dd can learn to write her name, mine was doing it long before she started school and she didn't have to 'unlearn' anything - her style changed, letters became smaller and better formed, but what nonsense

Enid Mon 26-Feb-07 12:12:04


even dd1 (duffer extraordinaire) could wirte her name before school (thank god as it was the only thing she could do)

ScummyMummy Mon 26-Feb-07 12:12:47

Sounds silly. Just ignore.

pinkranger Mon 26-Feb-07 12:14:28

does sound very odd, my DS 4 can write his own name and i know that the pre- school work with the school.
The Main teacher in the pre-school has become a lead to others as she has the best pre learining in kent and has other teachers from Kent coming in to learn from her , it would seem weird for the school to un -do all her fab work!

frances5 Mon 26-Feb-07 12:17:07

I think its a matter of learning to form the letters properly. Inorder to learn how to do joined up writing children have to learn to draw their letters by moving the pen in a specific way.

Provided she is shown how to draw the letters I cant see why the school should object.

Twiglett Mon 26-Feb-07 12:18:57

well if pre-school teach them to form the letters properly then there's no issue is there

tortoiseSHELL Mon 26-Feb-07 12:19:47

Do the school do cursive writing? In which case I guess they might want to reteach letter formation (that's with the tails to do joined up writing). I've talked to the teacher who I think will be dd's reception teacher, as she is doing a fair bit of writing, and she said the important thing is not to let bad habits develop - so make sure they are forming letters in the correct direction - doing an 'o' or an 'a' anti-clockwise, as once the incorrect way is learned it is really hard to unlearn, and she said she has had really bright kids who've had real problems getting to grips with writing, because they've developed their own style.

Gobbledigook Mon 26-Feb-07 12:20:29

Ds2 is encouraged to learn this at pre-school. THey are also doing jolly phonics.

In terms of writing their name - they are encouraged to write it on their work and they now have to 'sign in' when they arrive at nursery.

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Mon 26-Feb-07 12:23:35

LOL Enid 'Duffer Extraordinaire'

That's the perfect descrption for my DD1 too. Incidentally, writing her name was all she could do before she started school and that's only because my sister, who is 10 years older than her and revered as a goddess, taught her.

Hulababy Mon 26-Feb-07 12:32:50

My DD went to school in September able to read and write her name, write all her letters, read some very simple words using phonics, knew her letter sounds and could count to about 20 or so, amongst other things. These has not had to be unleanrt and relearnt since starting.

Her nursery did these types of activities with them as part of the Foundation stage - reception is still foundation so same syllabus/requirements. National Curriculum doesn't kick in till Y1.

hellywobs Mon 26-Feb-07 13:31:01

One of the primary schools I visited said that it was great if the kids could read and write their name before they went to school. But other than that the headteacher was more interested in the fact that they should have the social skills for school - being able to go to the loo by themselves, dress themselves etc

My son goes to school in September and has been able to write his name since he was 3. I'm sure he'll be taught proper writing at school but that's no reason to hold a child back.

lexcat Mon 26-Feb-07 14:29:06

When dd was at pre-school we were given sheets, (which had come from the school), showing both upper and lower case letter and the correct way to write them. Their was also a cover note explaining that they did not expect child to learn to write before starting school, but at the same time some children wanted to learn. Therefore by helping them do it right from the start it stopped the confusion when they start school.

So might I suggest asking the school you hope your dd to go too if they have a set way, I think the norn is cursive hand writting.

Also if the school do have a sheet you may want to give a copy to the pre-school in order that other parent don't have the same negative feedback you got. GOOD-LUCK

loopybear Mon 26-Feb-07 20:10:33

I think it's a poor show that the preschool do not use the same letter formation as the school. THere is no harm in learning to read / write and spell their name. As a reception teacher I feel the issue comes when parents have taught there children to write and they don't have the correct pencil grip. And doesn't form letters correctly.

lisad123 Mon 26-Feb-07 20:17:08

I think he is stupid
My DD can write her name Tanisha which I think is hard
I used to assess children with baseline assessments (old type) and one of the things you would look at in a 4 year old is can they write name?
I think children learn at their own rate, if she can do it let her


Smithagain Mon 26-Feb-07 20:21:48

Writing her name was about the only formal thing that DD1's pre-school did teach her. And they let her get into the habit of writing one letter backwards and starting most of them in the "wrong" place for cursive script. Depite that, she doesn't seem to have had any problems learning to do it "properly" now she's in Reception.

There is a HUGE variation in writing ability in her class and I'm sure the teachers have taken them all back to basics a bit, to iron out any "bad habits". But I don't know how you would stop a child from writing if they want to.

cazzybabs Mon 26-Feb-07 20:24:25

I think he is talking a load of Tosh...teachers want children to want to if they are ready ti write their name brilliant, otherwise just mark marking!

Olihan Mon 26-Feb-07 20:27:24

I think the issue is how they form the letters and developing bad habits. A classic example is writing a 'b' by drawing a line then a circle, which is completely wrong. It should start from the top, go down to the bottom of the stick, back up halfway, then do the loop, keeping the pencil on the paper the whole time.

TBH, I'm surprised the pre school don't work more closely with the school if they're on the same site and pesumably most of the kids go on into Reception there? Very odd.

Oh, hi LFM, just realised you're the OP!

julienetmum Mon 26-Feb-07 20:32:57

I taught dd to read via Jolly Phonics and she was taught to write hewr name at nursery.

However if dh had taught her she would have had to totally re-learn how to write as he does not know how to form letters. He is left handed and was never taught at school.

When he writes the letter e for example he writes it backwards and he will start a letter b by drawing a circle then putting a stick on.

LowFatMilkshake Mon 26-Feb-07 20:34:35

Hi All,

Am sad to see that a lot of you think DD's keyworker is at fault or got things wrong. He is actualy a lovely guy who encourages DD in every aspect of her education at pre-school. He has worked so hard with her and really bought her out of her shell. She loves seeing him at pre-school, and this moring actually ran over to him calling his name as she was excited to see him - she doesnt even do this to DH and me well sometimes, but only if we have'nt see her for a while

I am now working with her at home on writing her name. Forming letters properly as oppose to putting lines and shapes together. But I will raise it with the committee that some guidance is needed from the school as to how children will be taught to write.

I can remember doing the patterns in my workbook from when I was in reception class (not that that is what it was called way back then) the continuous C's and the camel bump 'M's had a very nostalgic afternoon with DD

Hi Oli <wave>

peanutbutterkid Wed 28-Feb-07 19:25:16

DS school does joined up writing style from day 1; ds's play group did not. I don't think it hurt him, but he had to unlearn printing his name and relearn writing it semi-long hand style -- I can see that would be a problem for some childrem. though wasn't for DS, since he barely managed to learn to write his name before school, anyway.

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