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Anyone have experience of getting QTLS via the recognition route or QTS via the Assessment Only route?

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teecher Mon 30-Jan-17 11:43:59

If so, can you talk me through it? How did you find it? How easy was it to get on the programme and do it?

I've been teaching English - in FE, abroad and in private language schools - for over 20 years but don't have a formal UK higher teaching qualification like QTS or QTLS. Either scheme sounds suitable for me, given my experience.

Does anyone know if it's 'easier' to get either QTLS or QTS via this route?

And if both QTS and QTLS are generally recognised in both schools and colleges, as I'm not sure which sector/age group I want to teach?

Can you teach any age with either? I've taught secondary aged and adults - would be I be able to teach say primary in future if I wanted with either?

Do you have to stick to the subject you were teaching when you gained the status or you can teach others? eg I've taught both English and EFL and have an MA in Applied Linguistics and a BA in History (but not taught History). Could I therefore potentially teach English, EFL and History? Or not?

Thanks for any advice. smile

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