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Is anyone a national leader of governance?

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Governorgeek Fri 27-Jan-17 20:49:48

And if so, just wondering if you've earned any money in your role?

I've been an nlg for nearly a year.. As well as chairing one school, Im also a governor of another school and have spent a huge amount of time trying to improve their practice. I've also allocated my 10 free days of supporting governance in other schools. I'm now into the being able to charge for offering support zone. Not getting the impression anyone wants to pay.

Just wondering if anyone has actually managed to persuade schools to pay for support, or does the whole system rely totally on volunteering.

While I'm pretty committed to helping improve governance, clearly working the extent I am for free without any reasonable expectation of generating income at some point would make continuing in the role unsustainable. Which seems a shame..

admission Sat 28-Jan-17 18:28:33

The answer is yes I have been paid for work outside the 10 days + that I do on a voluntary basis. That has been for some governance reviews and also, to some extent on the back of being an NLG, working on interim executive boards.

I would never do an interim executive board (which is a lot of work) without being paid for it, especially when others on the IEB who are employed in education are being paid a salary.

Do the schools want to pay for it, of course not. However times are changing and schools need to wake up to the fact that if someone with the right expertise is doing a good job on aspects of governance (over an above normal GB work) then they should be paid. It might also be an appropriate question to ask whether they have had any input from either an Local Leader of Education or a National Leader of Education. If so did they pay for that - the answer is yes either the school or the LA paid for that. So why should not the NLG be paid.

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