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Which school would you pick? Please tell me!

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HelpPleaseWRTSchool Fri 27-Jan-17 17:42:25


I really need some advice (I hope this isn't too long!)

I work (I'm on maternity leave and will be taking the full year) and when I go back, it will be part-time. 4 days a week.

My daughter is a month old. We registered her for both schools (the day she was born) as really wanted her to get one of the them. State schools are awful around here, so we are very lucky we are in the financial position to do so. We visited the schools towards the end of my pregnancy.

One of the schools has a nursery attached (it's for 1 year olds+) and we will need DD to go to a nursery at 1. For one of the days, my mum/dad will have her for half of it and for the other half my MIL/FIL will, so she will go for 3 days. I really like that it's attached to the school, so we will really get to know the staff over time and she will be comfortable there as she will know it. We slightly prefer the other school though and this is the problem. They are equal ATM, due to the pro of having the nursery attached to it. It's very close and practical.

The other school is in fact better, it's slightly cheaper. Has 2 form intake at 17 children for each class. 34 in the year. However, it's slightly further and doesn't offer the nursery we need. However, we can pay for nursery before and then move when she hits 3 for their pre-school. However, it's results aren't as good, but I do getter a better feeling that the education/atmosphere is a better quality, but I still absolutely love the other school and would be very happy for her to go there. The issue is, if I pick the ever so slightly better one, she will have to go to a not very good nursery before hand (1-3) as our area really doesn't have any good ones... The only good one is v expensive, even more expensive that the private one attached to the school and it's still not that great. Have had friends remove their children from there, so doesn't sound good to me.

Which would you go for???

AllPowerfulLizardPerson Fri 27-Jan-17 17:48:59

Check the hours if the school nursery - IME the days can be very short and of course are term time only.

If you need childcare from about age 1, you might want to consider a childminder (or a nursery which is open close to year round and has long enough days, perhaps near workplace if nine near home appeal). Then you can decide about school when your DD is approaching reception age and you have a better idea of what she's like and what you are looking for in the next stage of school.

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