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Harrodian review

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user1485015408 Sat 21-Jan-17 16:25:58

My son has got an offer from Harrodian yr-4 (8+). I have read old reviews which have been quite mixed. Does anyone has a could who has sent more the last 2 year at the school? I am keen to understand how much do they focus on overall development, is there any bullying problem and do most children come from highly affluent other half and I are both management consultants in senior positions but we don't own a fleet of Ferraris ;-)

user1485015408 Sat 21-Jan-17 16:27:17

Correction: does anyone have a child *

Just4kicks Sat 04-Feb-17 17:32:48

Hi yes we had plenty of experience with the school. Our children enjoyed a very well rounded and happy education and they all have a lovely set of friends. The academic program is excellent and the extra curricular offers plenty of choice (clubs, trips abroad etc). To answer your question we never came across any significant bullying either directly or indirectly. (One minor incident was dealt with swiftly and appropriately). The academic standards are high (plenty of kids with hatfuls of A*/As), the number of applicants keeps rising and the outdoor space is excellent by London day school standards. They also do a nice job of keeping the pre-preps in their own safe and stimulating domain until they're ready to take on the big 'uns. The headmaster is ever present and very engaged.
Yes it has a fair quota of highly affluent families, lots of Chelsea tractors and a few celebs kids, just like other London independent schools, but many more who are just normal folks living locally. Drawbacks ? Not much, the lunch hall is a bit of a squeeze and given they have large grounds it's a shame that they don't have a large indoor sports hall. (Not for want of trying -Richmond Council to blame). Harrodian plays all the usual independent school sports but, with the exception of the odd year group, they underachieve a bit in sport - a shame given the potential. That's the one area they could step it up IMHO.

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