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Shrewsbury High School

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user1483972886 Mon 09-Jan-17 14:46:07

Does anyone have current / recent experience of Shrewsbury High School including the Prep School. We have 1 boy and 1 girl so also interested in the education of boys there.

Interested in:
+ Academic output. Are the recent 'dips' in academic results anything to pay attention to?
+ Are the children happy and interested in learning?
+ Where do the boys go to from SHS Prep other than Shrewsbury School (too expensive for us).
+ How difficult is it to get in at 11+?
+ Anything else we should be aware of.

We have visited the senior school and liked it but would be interested in feedback from others.

angelnumber9 Fri 13-Jan-17 15:37:05

Interesting that you liked the senior school, everyone keeping very quiet about it atm. I looked at it a couple of years ago but wasn't happy with leadership and worried about fall in league tables so went elsewhere. Would like to be more positive but local reputation has fallen and consensus is because academics are in decline school is marketing sport and gym to attract new audience which pleases some but is upsetting existing parents. Put into context its not a bad school but not at all what it once was. My friend with girls there says theme is that head offers everything but then delivers little and creeps away leaving other staff to fend off complaints so make sure you get everything offered in writing. I hear he is not respected in the staffroom, only interested in getting awards which is why so many experienced teachers have left altogether. Used to be selective but bar lowered so no Oxbridge students in 2016 but should make entry at 11 easier. Suffers from usual girls school cliques (haves and have nots) and many move elsewhere for sixth form. Prep school is set in lovely grounds and offers good facilities and as well as Shrewsbury, (amazing!) boys also move up to Wrekin which is very good (but I'm biased!) Ellesmere and Concord which is very academic and recently voted best school in UK. Also look at Prestfelde prep. Local state sector is also very good so don't discount it altogether. Make sure you do your research thoroughly and please look beyond any schools websites. Also look at Moreton Hall Wrekin Ellesmere Oswestry School Adcote Concord Adams grammar Newport Girls and Thomas Telford. So many excellent schools in Shropshire. Hope others join in for you!

user1483972886 Fri 13-Jan-17 19:58:10

Thank you for your response and input. We are in SW Shropshire so most of the schools you mention are more than an 1 hour away with the exception of SHS, Shrewsbury and Concord College. We are looking for a day school.

State sector in our area is nothing special. If we signed up to Prestfelde we still need to find a secondary school...

Any one any insight to Concord College, SHS or Hereford Cathedral?

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