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Easter Half Term Holidays - Do Catholic Schools have a longer break...

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TwoToTango Mon 19-Feb-07 22:11:08

or do they break up a week later? I can't remember but i'm sure last year they broke up a week later than other schools?

julienetmum Mon 19-Feb-07 22:18:28

According to the local council website they break up later, I guess it is to do with taking part in some Easter week stuff though I may be totally wrong.

TwoToTango Tue 20-Feb-07 18:44:29

Thanks - I can't see anything on our council website about it (B'ham) - anyone know?

astronomer Tue 20-Feb-07 20:32:52

Ours seems to have as they have inset days in early April for holy week and at Christmas didn't go back till 8th january so they could celebrate epiphany

Headmaster very traditional catholic and a very strong character

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