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Where do Babies come from????

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Twinkie Fri 18-Jun-04 10:15:21

Right what do I tell DD - she has always thought that babies are bought at the baby shop (she likes to say that we chose the prettiest, cleverest one there!! Yawn Yawn she is sooo modest!!) and then the doctor puts them in mummies tummy and then when they are big enough they pop out of your belly button and someone has to catch them!!

We never told her this it is something she has concluded on her own and we haven't corrected her as we didnt think there was much need to - anyway last night she said that she was sad cause some mummies have to go to hospital and have their tummys cut to get the baby out (horror stories at school I think!!) and she doesn't want that to happen to mummy (don't worry love neither do I I much prefer the firing out of belly button version!! (do you think thats elective?? ) - so I decided to tell her the truth and said that babies really come out your noonie - she looked at me witth a mixture of disgust, horror and disbelief and said 'URGH!! mummy don't be silly they come out of your belly button' - I lost the urge to sit her down and explain it then for fear of scaring the living daylights out of her but I know I am going to have to tell her and would rather get the message across now but HOW???

(She is very nearly 4)

Hulababy Fri 18-Jun-04 10:17:49

Have you tried Amazon - I am pretty sure other MNetters have recommended children's books to help with this. Hopefully they'll be along shortly to help you out though. I still have all this to come!

mothernature Fri 18-Jun-04 10:19:47

I would leave it for another time, she obviously is not ready, even though she is listening to others at school and making her own mind up how it happens, don't try to explain it until she asks again. Don't go into too much detail it can be frightening..good luck

WideWebWitch Fri 18-Jun-04 10:52:53

Twinkie, I really like Mummy laid an egg, here

busybee123 Fri 18-Jun-04 10:53:34

my poor ds1 saw a woman giving birth on the telly one day when i was in the bath....he WAS watching the hoobs but it changed to an education programme straight after. He was mortified. bearing in mind the woman was screaming the place down and it was a full view real life birth, and i was 6 weeks off having ds2!!! i jumped out of the bath and switched the telly off, but not before he heard the woman was screaming 'oh im going to die' Poor ds was sobbing his heart out, saying he didnt want me to have the baby cos i might die. took him weeks to get over it...right until I gave birth. When he saw me he said 'mummy your still alive' poor darling. I think he is over it now, but he is nowhere hear ready to know the 'in's and out's' of it all. he is 4 and a half. when he is ready i will just tell him that when mummys and daddys love each other very much, they cuddle really close and a baby starts to grown in mummy tummy. It sounds like your dd isnt quite ready to know yet. Maybe ask the nursery teacher? They are excellent at wording things for young children?

prettycandles Fri 18-Jun-04 14:14:31

When ds asked how the baby comes out of my tummy (he thought originally that it would come out of my mouth!) I told him that there was a special opening for the baby to come out through.
'Behind my girl's bits.'
'Show it to me.'

jampot Fri 18-Jun-04 14:21:48

DS asked me one day how babies are made. I stuttered a little and he then offered "Did you and daddy wish for me?" "Yes darling" I said "that's exactly what we did". He has always known that babies live in mummies' tummys and he knows that he came out of a special cut in mummy's tummy but most babies come out of the foof! However, armed with knowledge from dd's book about puberty he asked me the other week "Did you and daddy wish for me mummy?" "Yes darling"

"Well" he continued "most daddies put their penis in the mummy's vag...i..n..a, and mummy, what's a labia?"


He has obviously told his little friend at school this and not to be outdone by my ds his friend tells him that he came out of his mum's backside!!! Speaks for itself really doesn't it?

gettingthere Fri 18-Jun-04 14:29:41

my little girl has told everyone at school how babies are born (although i had Caesareans) and i was taken on one side one day because she had decided to show how this happens to the rest of the class, together with her little friend. I was very amused - then the teacher added. "Apparently she is going to have two husbands - one to cook, and one to drive the car." I suggested to dd this was a less good idea, and she thought about it (she is 4) and said, ok I'll have just one and eat cold food!! either way, she seems clear that she won't be doing either!!!!! I think in terms of explanation there are some very good books aimed at the appropriate age group, and also if you can find pictures and they see mummy looking at little baby, it may not be so worrying for them.

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