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Islington Primary Schools

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icanteven Sat 26-Nov-16 10:02:31

We're moving to London next September, and after much conversation, we're pretty sure that we're going to go for Islington. There is also an independent school near there that I really like the vibe of - the Dallington - so I'm waiting to hear if they might have places (girls going into years 2 and 4).

Reading old threads here, I also gather that the William Tyndale and Thornhill are very well thought of, but some of the threads are quite old and I would love to know what other schools around Islington are worth looking at?

Both children are academically able (insofar as you can know at 5 and 7!!) but the older child is a bit vague and has really benefitted from the extra attention she gets at her current (excellent and independent) school. We are looking for a school that is less conservative, but still produces great academic results, hence the preference for the Dallington.

Any suggestions gratefully received! I have found the clever catchment maps that Islington council does for schools - very useful!

MissSlighcarp Mon 28-Nov-16 12:25:37

Tbh there aren't really any bad primary schools in Islington.

There are ones that are less obsessively sought-after by ambitious middle-class parents, but whether you consider that a plus or a minus will depend on your outlook. confused

Dallington is lovely, by all accounts, but I would query whether it really gives significant added value over most Islington primary schools, and the class sizes get very small by upper end of the school (I'm considering that a negative, btw, in terms of friendship groups and the range of experiences available). Obviously the primary schools won't prepare for selective secondary entrance, but then again by all account most of the dc from non-hothouse private schools are tutored for secondary entrance anyway.

icanteven Tue 06-Dec-16 23:08:21

Thank you! All very helpful.

MN164 Wed 07-Dec-16 07:46:12

Tyndale is well liked by my local friends with kids there.

I think if you are used to independent schools already, you may feel more comfortable in that system in London too.

That said, ours went to state primary in Islington and have done very well, in terms of academic results.

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