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About HCS (Romsey Hampshire)

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alwaysnotenoughesleep Thu 10-Nov-16 13:03:04

Went to the Prep Shcool's Open Day. Very good sports playground, warm welcome by the office staff, smart school uniform, polite kids, excellent classroom and facilities. The first impression is almost perfect.

Would any mumsnetters provide more information / advices that I may have missed / omitted?

user7214743615 Thu 10-Nov-16 13:20:43

HCS in general doesn't attract academic kids but you already know that.

Not really sure why you care about smart school uniform at primary age group - this wouldn't be in list of "almost perfect".

alwaysnotenoughesleep Thu 10-Nov-16 14:01:13

Hi user7214743615, indeed, school uniform is not on "the checking list", I just happened to notice that.

Had a quick look at two kids' maths and English practice book, They have been doing well. But presumably they are carefully chosen to show to the open day visiters. Is the academic gap big between HCS and the other similar schools, or marginal?

Ta1kinpeece Thu 10-Nov-16 22:19:48

HCS gets lower results than many of the local state secondaries.
It us used by families from the Waterside whose catchment schools are dire
and by those who think their kids would get "lost in the middle" at the comps
It succeeds well at those tasks
but is not where academic kids tend to go by choice

alwaysnotenoughesleep Fri 11-Nov-16 14:12:15

Ta1kinpeece, Did not know this. A bit surprise. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

AtleastitsnotMonday Fri 11-Nov-16 16:52:25

Agree with pp about it being less academic, it is generally cheaper than other prep schools in the area which some would argue gives a broader range of parental backgrounds if that makes a difference to you. Is it just the prep school you are considering? There is no obligation to continue on from the prep to senior although of course many do but some leave for the bigger private senior schools, the Wiltshire grammars or the state sector. How old is your dc?

alwaysnotenoughesleep Fri 11-Nov-16 18:08:10

AtleastitsnotMonday, thanks for the message.

Yes, I have seen some of the same kind of comments that they are less academic, but how much less I had no idea. We are looking for pp / primary school only for the time being. We would not have to continue to senior, but after several years, would DC lag behind the majority of other similiar schools kids?

As you mention the fee, this is another thing that puzzles me. The fee is less expensive than some other similiar schools but their facilities and sports ground are very impressive. How did they do it?

Ta1kinpeece Fri 11-Nov-16 21:12:33

HCS (was Embley Park) has fab grounds because it is the former estate of Florence Nightingale.
The estate is a single unit and the land holding is freehold - makes amazing grounds very cheap
It is utterly beautiful (both my DCs have had events there )
but as I say, the local Comps beat it hands down on exam results

alwaysnotenoughesleep Fri 11-Nov-16 22:53:45

Ta1kinpeece, Thanks for shedding some light on the questions.

user7214743615 Sat 12-Nov-16 07:46:44

It's unfair to compare HCS with local comps when it is a school for children who can't get into academic schools/wouldn't flourish in large groups. If you take only low/middle achievers, however well you teach them, they are not going to achieve as well as the naturally academic high achievers. On value added, if it were measured for a private school, I suspect that HCS would do very well.

TeenAndTween Sat 12-Nov-16 13:37:19

It can also do very well with high achievers. Friends child recently got 9?A* and 2A at GCSE under less than ideal home circumstances. This DC would not have suited one of our excellent local comps.

alwaysnotenoughesleep Sat 12-Nov-16 16:34:24

user7214743615, TeenAndTween, many thanks for sharing your opinion / information.

alwaysnotenoughesleep Sat 12-Nov-16 16:44:03

There pastoral care looks very good.

Draylon Thu 24-Nov-16 12:39:12

I have a workmate (yes, Waterside!) who got her DC into a good non catchment infants, but didn't get a place at the juniors so went HCS 3-6, which she has raved about, except for the class size being perhaps too small. Anyway, DC started waterside comp and its not going well.

I think the issues are: new school communicates in comp style; mate is used to forensic (primary style) input. DC was allegedly in top group Maths at HCS, now middling at waterside comp. Mate not happy. She has to root around in DC's bag for notes, not given teachers emails etc.

DC is rather immature, and an only, to boot. I have suggested she needs to put DC back to HCS as she'll never be happy with state after private.

And I will go on smiling through gritted teeth as the whole state system is denigrated, tho my DC have both gone through an excellent state comp. ironically, mate could've moved into our catchment but her DH 'wouldn't move'...

Ta1kinpeece Thu 24-Nov-16 21:26:10

The difference in prices between waterside and other catchments can be the same as 6 years of HCS fees .... but yes, if they can afford it their kid would probably be better back there and then move at y 12

Draylon Sat 26-Nov-16 17:16:13

TBF she lives in Ashurst, not Fawley! And the move into Th. catchment would've been to a house Willed to her...!

I actually don't 'get' why they stay where they are, complete with dissatisfaction with the comp, but their choice!

Ta1kinpeece Sat 26-Nov-16 20:53:52

from Ashurst, Twd is easy and since "changes" at Hd its doing rather well

golly I'm glad that my baby is safely at Symonds and all of the threads are esoteric

Draylon Sun 27-Nov-16 22:11:09

Ta1kipeece- are you Talkinpeace? Because you don't sound like her.

TIP could, like me, be a bit 'Only the best for my DC! But 'My baby'? 'safely at Symonds'? No. She'd've called it PS. 'Esoteric'? So feck off. If it's not your current issue, why weigh in? Unless to add some carefully considered observation based on your own, balanced experience- or to gloat.

"Twd is easy"- TIP was coherent and edited before posting.

"Since 'changes' Hd' (yep, got 'Hounsdown' from that. Well done.) ' is doing rather well. Well, not according to my work colleague who is astounded at the lack of communication, to be fair!

TIP was never so smug, recognising that one's DC are only as academically 'good' as their last results. That it can always go Tits Up. Relief at their successes, not smuggy gloating, as 'something or other' grin comes before a fall.

You're either misappropriating TIP, or if not, TIP is no longer the person I used to agree/disagree/spar with, all to pretty unanimous coherence, at the end of the day. We respected each other enough to recognise difference, but respect the other's POV.

Ta1kinpeece Sun 27-Nov-16 22:15:51

I'm TiP
was just in an odd mood. Fear not. Am back to normal now

I admit though that I am very glad that only DHs work is affected by the current stupidity in education policy as DD is off at Uni and DS has only a few more terms to go

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