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SATS Explanation Please!

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spook Tue 15-Jun-04 18:45:51

Hi. My 7 year old has got his SATS results back today and I'm ashamed to say they mean nothing to me. I know he's bright but is there anyone who can explain them to me??
He got three 4+'s and all the rest were 3's.
Thanks in advance.

bobs Tue 15-Jun-04 18:50:28

My dd's are due soon - from what I remember with other dd the average is 2, 3 is excellent and as for 4, well my school don't even give that sort of score because they think it would be unfair to the less bright kids.
Well done your son!!

Janh Tue 15-Jun-04 18:51:29

Blimey, spook. He has done VERY well. The target for 7-yr-olds is 2 - 3 is very good, 4 is brilliant. (4 is the target for 11-yr-olds!!!)

There have been links posted to helpful tables on SATs threads in the past, I'll see if I can find one!

jampot Tue 15-Jun-04 18:53:15

KS1 is years 1 and 2 basically. In this key stage it is possible to score from working towards a level 1 to 3. The target score is 2b. KS1 testing is done at year 2.

KS2 is years 3,4, 5 & 6. In this stage it is possible to score level 3-5, the target score being 4b (i think). Official testing for KS2 is done in year 6 during May and the results are published. However, from what I understand SATS testing is also done at years 3, 4 & 5 although these results are not published.

Janh Tue 15-Jun-04 18:55:54

This isn't the one I was thinking of but it does show you!

spook Tue 15-Jun-04 18:57:57

Thankyou everyone. Considering what he's been through this year it seems I should be really really really proud of him.And I am!!

Janh Tue 15-Jun-04 19:07:27

fisil Tue 15-Jun-04 19:27:59

wow spook, that's brilliant! Most of my year 9 class won't have got a level 4 in their SATs!

coppertop Tue 15-Jun-04 19:59:09

Well done, mini-Spook.

popsycal Tue 15-Jun-04 20:12:58

He has done brilliantly!!!

Well done littlespook!
the 'average' in year 2 is a level 2!

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