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Eton Pretest

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Cosynightsin Tue 08-Nov-16 16:50:47

My ds has applied to Eton. He is doing the admission test soon and attends a school that doesn't normally send boys to Eton. We haven't had a tutor just given him a little practice on nvr.
Can anyone give any tips, words of wisdom or pm? He's very excited and looking forward to it. grin

Wheredidallthejaffacakesgo Wed 09-Nov-16 19:32:40

Ds did it yesterday. The only words of wisdom from me are pick the McDonalds on the edge of Slough or the Costa at the far end of the high street of you need a speedy lunch beforehand, and if you leave via Slough on the way home it will add an hour to your journey. Ds couldn't tell me much about the test apart from it was on a computer and was okay, and despite me grilling him about the interview all he could remember was talking about his favourite subjects at school. Ds came out cheerful enough.

He took in a book to read while he was waiting, which he said he was glad he did as there was some time to wait. He seemed cheerful enough about the experience. I found having to kill three hours in Eton on a freezing cold afternoon a little sub-optimal but bearable.

Wheredidallthejaffacakesgo Wed 09-Nov-16 19:34:55

And we didn't tutor or prepare in any way except to remind ds to do up his shoelaces before the interview.grin

Cosynightsin Wed 09-Nov-16 22:46:58

Thanks for that. I feel quite relaxed about it now. Ds is quite easy going too. Glad to hear you haven't had a tutor either.
Good luck to your Ds. You never know, we may cross paths at some point!

MrsBernardBlack Thu 10-Nov-16 11:03:42

Go to the Flaming Cow, the burger place at the other end of the High Street.

Cosynightsin Thu 10-Nov-16 13:15:22

Will check it out. Any other suggestions to use the time? Do we just drop ds off and then collect him three hours later?

Wheredidallthejaffacakesgo Thu 10-Nov-16 17:25:08

You drop them between 1.30 and 1.45, and collect at 4.45

MrsBernardBlack Thu 10-Nov-16 18:33:59

You could wander over the river to Windsor, it's easy walking distance (hopefully it won't be raining!).

peteneras Thu 10-Nov-16 19:12:13

There are a couple of museums at the School.

Details here - please contact the relevant people.

(1) The Natural History Museum

(2) Museum of Eton Life

Good luck to your son!

leftandaright Fri 11-Nov-16 13:32:30

My ds sat the pretest a couple of weeks ago. Leave it as late as possible before arriving at the big wooden gates. Couldn't be any less welcoming or more intimidating for both the boys and the parents!
My ds was not tutored in anyway. If it is meant to be, he'll get in - otherwise he's off to Oundle (which I think I may prefer anyway).
The computer test was very hard, my ds said, as did all the other boys doing it. The interview was easy - just questions of books he had read and what he liked doing (mostly sport) and what teams he supported. No taxing or "unnatural" questions that a 10/11 year old cannot easily answer.

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