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Move now or later?

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Jas8085 Fri 04-Nov-16 10:06:43

Hi all,
We live in Bromley. DD will be taking the 11 plus tests (Kent, Bexley and Newstead wood) in 2017.

We moved to Bromley when DD was small. We bought a house close to a fantastic state school. DH and I worked in London, so Bromley was perfect for the commute etc. Now our circumstances have changed. I work locally (DH still commutes to London). Also, our house has become too small for us. So we are planning to move into a bigger property.We were thinking of moving to Tonbridge. Commute wise - its still ok for DH. We get more house for our money and we will be within 3-4 miles of 3 grammar schools.

Another thing I have to mention here - we are very particular about DD not having to commute a lot for school. We were anyway planning to move if she gets a grammar place somewhere. Are we better off making the move now - giving us the advantage of being within catchment for Kent Schools?

We have a brilliant local secondary here in Bromley. What if we move to Tonbridge and DD ends up getting a place in Surrey???? What id we doesn't get a grammar place at all? We will end up in Tonbridge and not have a place in our lovely bromley comprehensive. Nightmare !!

We are totally confused and not sure what we should do. Any relevant advice is gratefully received. Thank you!

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