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Advice on Moving to Devon

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Mum0ntherun Sat 29-Oct-16 10:18:44

I can see that this comes up every couple of years so hoping you are not all tired of it 😂

Just wondering how people have felt about relocation and the schools in and around Tiverton? I've looked on line at Blundells and Exeter and of course they look great online so I'm looking for real knowledge! I am looking at living between Tiverton and Exeter as I'm at heart a city girl and will be flying to London every other week for work. The middle of nowhere is not for me but I do want to have some space around me as Surrey is starting to feel claustrophobic. Sorry I'm rambling but I would love to know your thoughts and experiences of places to live, how you feel you've been welcomed and what the schools are really like. DD 13 and DS 8. Thanks all.

bojorojo Tue 01-Nov-16 12:42:11

I don't know Devon but will your DD aged 13 be happy about this? Does she not have friends and is she not settled at school where you live at the moment? This sounds like a bit of a dream to me. I live in a small community only 35 miles from central London (and it can feel very isolated) and if you are a city girl - don't go too far away from London! Can you not move to a more leafy part of Surrey? I would not go to Devon - too far away from everything. Flying to London - no thanks!

Mum0ntherun Tue 01-Nov-16 19:54:54

Thanks but I'm looking for advice and help not criticism or questioning. This is a family decision. Not sure why you are commenting if you have nothing positive to add and don't know Devon!

bojorojo Tue 01-Nov-16 20:56:22

I don't know why I bothered either. Good luck!

MrsBernardBlack Tue 01-Nov-16 21:54:09

The middle of nowhere is not for me

Have you ever actually been down here OP? bojorojos questions are perfectly valid, and should not be taken as criticisms.

I do live down here, and anywhere north of the A30 is pretty remote and a bit of a time warp. Asking if your 13 year old DD is going to be happy relocating to a place like this should be a serious consideration for you to think about, rather than going off on a snit.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Tue 01-Nov-16 21:59:40

I hated Tiverton. (Sorry Devonians) I thought it was a bit rough. Might have been a bad weekend but a lot of alcohol issues quite obvious.

Teen pregnancies didn't seem uncommon either. (I have no problem with teen mums but if choosing a place to move my daughter I'd prefer to not have to deal with that as it wouldn't be ideal for our family.)

OrangeNoodle Tue 01-Nov-16 22:06:19

I know the area well and, as a Londoner in exile myself I think you would be far happier south of Exeter or toward Plymouth. Excellent schools in Ivybridge and Plymouth, including grammars, and you are on the main rail link to London (dh or I do it most weeks), and exeter airport still only 45 mins away if you want it.

Plus... and it's a big one... beaches 😁

Mum0ntherun Tue 01-Nov-16 22:08:34

Gosh. Thought people on Mumsnet were here to help each other not question and troll. Do you really think I'd do this without discussing with her AND my son? By middle is no where I mean an isolated house with no neighbours. And yes I have been to Devon many many times but living somewhere is very different than visiting hence I'm looking for some useful guidance not an argument or any form of judgement.

Mum0ntherun Tue 01-Nov-16 22:10:25

Thanks OrangeNoodle - helpful as I've not looked that way at all. I'm down there later this week so will go look.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Tue 01-Nov-16 22:11:51

Not judging, just giving you my opinion- which is that I'd rather not be in Devon. I don't mind a short visit, but not keen in general.

If you have your mind set on moving there because you like it more than we do that is fine, but don't ask for opinions and then think people are trolling because they're giving you opinions!

bojorojo Wed 02-Nov-16 18:00:32

You are very touchy, OP? Why?

Stinkerbelle37 Wed 02-Nov-16 18:03:42

East devon is fab 😀

Mum0ntherun Wed 02-Nov-16 18:26:35

TrolltherespawnJeremy - I'm fine with your insight and thanks for that, it's the sort of thing I'm interested to read. What I'm annoyed at is people asking personal questions. This decision has not been made lightly, it's for a number of reasons which I'm not prepared to discuss and I find it odd that strangers suggest it's a dream and Q if my child is happy about the move - what on earth has it got to do with them? It is so intrusive.

I'm just looking for advice such as X village is lovely, avoid Y, my experience of school A was etc. Not sure this is the right forum for me actually. I don't want to argue with strangers re things that are nothing to do with them. I was looking for legitimate insight.

artiface Wed 02-Nov-16 19:51:38

My dad lived in Exeter and its lovely - the people are generally friendly and there's a relaxed feel. I liked Honition and Newton Abbot. There is a very well regarded co-ed grammar school in Colyton

OCSockOrphanage Wed 02-Nov-16 20:15:20

OP, very sorry that your thread has been a bit hijacked. Sometimes MNetters seem to think it's all about the children. Don't believe them!

Devon isn't a picnic, but if you are coming from the southeast and have the freedom to pick your location, I do think the area south and east of Exeter may be a better bet than North Devon, which is v agricultural, difficult terrain (but scenic) and not a hotbed of intellectual interest. The beaches are good though.

SisterViktorine Wed 02-Nov-16 21:45:53

I think this thread has drawn an unusual cohort of posters as the 'escape to the country' threads are not usually met with such distaste. Maybe post in 'Rural' OP- you will get more practical advice.

We moved from the SE to Dorset and I love it, it just makes my heart sing every single day. It is so much better for DS (6) and I am so incredibly happy we brought him here. Life is so much more natural and it's possible to live without developing PTSD from the pressure to Keep Up and Achieve.

Mishaps Wed 02-Nov-16 21:48:36

My sister teaches at Black Orton primary school and it sounds just lovely - a real family feel.

Mishaps Wed 02-Nov-16 21:50:30

By the way, I agree that country living is good for children - the schools are smaller and the pace human scale. All of my children were brought up in the country and they had a great time and I was very happy that their childhoods were spent in such beautiful surroundings.

Mishaps Wed 02-Nov-16 21:50:56

Another PS - there is quite a drug scene in Plymouth and Ivybridge.

TheCrumpledToe Wed 02-Nov-16 21:51:23

I live near Tiverton and it doesn't have a very good reputation. Exeter itself is mostly lovely. Crediton might be another option, the primary schools there are brilliant.

HmmmmBop Wed 02-Nov-16 21:58:58

Tiverton is quite a run down, post industrial town. Blundells has always had a good reputation but is the other side of town from where you want to be. If you're a city girl, go for Exeter, I've never been to Plymouth but socially I think not dissimilar to Tiverton.

Mouthfulofquiz Wed 02-Nov-16 22:03:49

I've lived in Devon my whole life. I love it (or else I would have left.)
I did A Levels in Tiverton and loved it. The town is actually improving a lot, as is Cullompton. Plymtree is definitely worth a look if you have the budget. Exeter is great - plymouth is on the up. I live in the naice part and it has a lovely sense of community, good schools, near the sea and the moors... Can't complain. Good luck with the move, if you go ahead OP!

legoblox Wed 02-Nov-16 22:09:51

I went to uni in Exeter. I loved it. Really really loved it.

I wish I could have stayed but there weren't enough jobs.

I didn't raise a family there though so no idea about schools.

I'm in the southeast too. I'd go back if I could but I can't go so far away from the children's father.

randomsabreuse Wed 02-Nov-16 22:10:22

If you're loaded, Chagford, Moretonhampstead way is the place to be. Generally the Exeter side of Dartmoor is wealthier than the rest, including Plymouth. No idea re private schools - think there's some in Plymouth. Remaining grammars well regarded, rural schools fairly rural in subjects offered.

SisterViktorine Wed 02-Nov-16 22:12:38

If Devon isn't absolutely fixed, consider North Dorset. 2hrs into London from mainline station.

Good schools of all types in Sherborne and Bruton.

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