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Some questions for secondary teachers ...

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fisil Mon 14-Jun-04 21:52:27

1) how many hours per week/fortnight do mainscale teachers at your school teach? (e.g. 25 out of 30)

2) how many hours per week/fortnight do heads of core subjects (English, maths, science) teach?

3) do heads of core subjects have tutor groups?

Hula, popsy, hmb? anyone?

hmb Mon 14-Jun-04 22:19:34

I am only on an 80% time table. Most of my science buddies are on a 90% timetable. They teach 18 lessons a week of 1 hour and 10 minutes each. Not all of the three 'free' lessons are free and one is almost guarenteed to be lost to library duty. Out head of department (in the science department) has a form, but she also has a reduved timetable, to 80%. Heads of year also get an 80% timetable. HTH

codswallop Mon 14-Jun-04 22:25:13

hOd had tutor gpds three years a go.
they got 1 extra free per resp point

hercules Tue 15-Jun-04 13:47:24

1) 22/25 although usually lose at least one of these to cover.

2) Ideally one extra hour so 21/25 but depends on shortages.

3) Yes

Nome Tue 15-Jun-04 14:33:24

Last school:
1) 31/35 a week
2) 28/35
3) Yes, but usually Sixth Form...

geogteach Tue 15-Jun-04 16:18:56

1) 22/25
2) 20/25
So at the moment i'm keeping head very low as I do 8/15 and no tutor group, am head of not major department - i'll leave you to guess which!

Hulababy Tue 15-Jun-04 17:12:00

1) 24-25/30 = so, over two week timetable I used to get 5-6 free hours but I didn't have a form (normally gives us one extra hour NCT). I now do 0.6 timetable and have 4 frees over two weeks. We normally lose at least half of these, if not more. I regularly get no more than 1 free over a 2 week timetable.

2) My HoD - ICT (now also a core subject) gets many more 'frees' than me! Atleast double what I got when doing 100% - he also has a form.

3)Most of our HoD have forms.

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