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St James Junior v Norland Place

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RoccoW14 Fri 28-Oct-16 11:14:49

We've been offered a September 2017 reception place for our daughter at both St James Junior and Norland Place.

Both schools are about an equal distance from where we live (Olympia / Brook Green) and both schools seem to have good reports.

We're unsure about the senior school destinations for St James as most girls move to the senior school next door (which is a little small and limited compared to other senior schools in the area) and the destinations of the girls who don't move to the senior school are not published. We're also all for a broad education, but think learning Sanskrit might be a step too far in that regard as there are plenty of other languages that we think would be more beneficial to learn. Vegetarian meals are not ideal, but also not a major issue.

Norland Place on the other hand is a much more traditional school, however its grounds are considerably smaller (although they make use of a garden square and other facilities in the area).

We think our daughter would be equally happy at both schools and we seem to be in the fortunate situation that we have offers from two good schools.

If any parents could share their thoughts on St James Junior and Norland Place, it'd greatly appreciated.

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