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oxford reading tree book bands

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marbeth Mon 14-Jun-04 16:53:00

Hi just wondering if any primary teachers could answer a question about ord.Used in my Ds class,some books in same colour scheme and number example stage 8 brown are more difficult.Just finished reading brown stage 8 books and then put on to stage 8 brown jackdaws books.Suddenly jumped from 6 lines a page to about 20 lines a page,and level much harder.Cheched on ORT website and some of theses books are in book band eleve.School says that book band list is incorrect and they should read all brown books including jackdaws before moving to level 9.Level nine then goes back to being easier.Question is should jacdaws foolw on or should they come later.Thanks in anticipation

codswallop Mon 14-Jun-04 16:57:59

I dont understand the bird s bit eithre

ds1 on owls

roisin Mon 14-Jun-04 18:14:37

here is the ORT site .. it's quite interesting loads of stuff on here.

roisin Mon 14-Jun-04 18:17:25

In answer to your specific queries Jackdaws are 'extension readers'. They should be basically at a similar level to other books on stage 8 as far as sight vocabulary required, simplicity of sentence structure, etc.

roisin Mon 14-Jun-04 18:27:11

If you're ever in Oxford, pop into the OUP bookshop on the High, and you can pick up Oxed catalogues and stuff, which have loads of fascinating (if useless) information! ... Still can't understand who decide to name groups of books after birds Coddy, and why?!

marbeth Mon 14-Jun-04 19:39:05

Thank you Roisin for your answer.It was just my husband and I found the level much more difficult than the previous books.Also we checked on ORT website and the jackdaws had been put into book band 10 and 11.Whereas the other stage eights were in book band 8.Do you think there book bands are correct on the website.

roisin Mon 14-Jun-04 19:56:46

There are (I think) 4 jackdaws/more jackdaws in stage 8, 4 in stage 9, 4 in stage 10, and 8 in stage 11.

The 'brown' stage 8 ones are:
The spoilt holiday
Anna's eggs
The jokers
The School play


marbeth Mon 14-Jun-04 20:06:58

Yes thats the books that he has just covered.According to ORT website Anna's eggs,The spolit holiday and the school play are in book band 10(white) and the joker is in book band 11.This seems a very big jump from book band eight (stage 8 magpies) according to website.Do you think the book banding on website is incorrect

roisin Mon 14-Jun-04 20:29:37

Marbeth - I would actually have more faith in the website being accurate. The catalogue I have is quite old.

It may be that comments have been passed about the relative difficulty of these books, so OUP have bumped them up a bit. These is pure conjecture btw! Why not drop an email to OUP asking them to clarify. I used to work there, but in sheet music, not Oxed. But they are a friendly lot, I'm sure they'll respond to your query.

The 'stages' become rather more fluid at these higher levels anyway. Lots of schools only do ORT up to stage 5 or 6, or at least strictly in sequence anyway.

marbeth Mon 14-Jun-04 20:35:54

Thanks roisin for help

roisin Mon 14-Jun-04 20:45:53

Ha! I think I've cracked it. OUP suggest (I think) that all material up to stage 9 is suitable in content for U8s (i.e. infants). I think some of the content of the Jackdaws stories is rather more complex.

So what OUP have done instead is to develop a series of books 'Treetops Allstars' aimed specifically at particularly able readers infant readers - with challenging vocab, but suitable content, and have them bumped the Jackdaws up to KS2.

How old is your ds btw?

marbeth Mon 14-Jun-04 21:17:04

He is only 6.Read all stage 8 magpies really well and then 2 robin books well.The four jackdaws found very hard.Taking a week to read as opposed to a night.Spoke to teacher who then moved in back down to stage seven.(because he found jackdaws difficult)

Tanzie Mon 14-Jun-04 22:33:37

Now I'm even more confused. DD1 (5, in Reception) read Anna's Eggs tonight, and I thought it was a lot more detailed than any of the other stage 8 stuff (Save Floppy! etc) that she has been bringing home. But I still don't understand why. And I don't think we ever saw stage 7. I thought her reading wasn't bad for her age, but didn't realise that these books were aimed roughly at Year 2. Now I am wondering where she gets her brains from

Judd Mon 14-Jun-04 23:01:27

Hey Roisin,
I used to work at OUP too, but in Academic sales!

roisin Tue 15-Jun-04 14:25:03

Hi Judd! When were you there? Are you still in Oxford? I miss OUP - best job I ever had. I still keep in contact with my old boss, who's lovely. (I finished there in 97).

How's life with a new baby? I wish mumsnet was around when my two were tiny ... mind you I'm not sure I'd have found the time to post all my questions!

Judd Tue 15-Jun-04 18:19:15

Hiya Roisin! I wonder if our paths crossed? I started there in 1997 and finished in 2001 when we moved up to Stockport to be nearer family and to be able to afford a house!! I still have a few good friends there so manage to keep up with the gossip. Feel free to contact me via Mumsnet if you would like to...

roisin Tue 15-Jun-04 20:54:19

Hi Judd! I've sent you a CAT. But just wondered if you've thought about coming to the meet-up in Manchester lately? It's here

I'm in Barrow-in-Furness, but there's no mumsnetters near here. I've never made it to a meet-up yet, but may actually get to this one.

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