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Sherborne School

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MK143 Thu 20-Oct-16 15:17:41

I am choosing boarding schools for my son from Sep 2017. Now is probably in advanced stage. Need advice from someone who know the school well.

1) The school facilities scattered in the small town. It is an open campus school. Is it bad? Is it difficult to control the boys discipline, e.g. dating, smoking etc.

2) Is the school lacking facilities compared with other boarding schools?

3) Pastoral service?

4) Are the teachers good? or laid-back?

OCSockOrphanage Thu 20-Oct-16 20:46:37

It's a nice school (we are told) and was very popular among DS's peers. He has only stayed in touch with one friend who went there (of 10 in his year), saying only that they all turned into their fathers. One of our cousins commented that Sherborne turns out "really nice chaps".

Back to you. What do you and your son want or need? Very few good public schools lack faciltities or good teachers, and most are very sound academically. Don't know enough to comment on pastoral care or teaching style. We would have looked at it, but did not want a boarding school.

I think the fact that students are allowed out in a small town is good news. Sherborne is a very naice MC town in Dorset, so not much serious vice. Drugs/alcohol are ubiquitous in the UK if the child is looking for them/excitement.

Are you enquiring from overseas?

MK143 Fri 21-Oct-16 02:25:29

Thanks a lot for your advice. Don't want to be too specific here.

MrsBernardBlack Fri 21-Oct-16 09:53:22

Sherborne is a lovely school, we know several boys who are there, and we considered it very seriously for our DS. It has a very positive and friendly vibe, but you will need to visit it personally to know if it is right for your son.

All I can say is that I believe that it will be worthwhile you making the effort, the visits are very thorough and you will have the opportunity to have an in depth conversation both with the Registrar and with one of the housemasters.

SisterViktorine Fri 21-Oct-16 21:22:15

The new Head is amazing and the school has a really positive vibe.

Sherborne is a lovely town and the boys conduct themselves incredibly well in public- they are a pleasure to be around. At any boarding school there is an element of smoking/ drinking. The staff at Sherborne do not turn a blind eye to it. It is no more of a problem than anywhere else and dealt with robustly.

JessicaCC Sat 05-Nov-16 08:17:08

How to choose between Sherborne School and Cheltenham College for my DS? No special needs in art, sport or music but prefer a school with better discipline, caring and academic.

SurreyLanes Sat 16-Sep-17 12:25:59

One problem with Sherborne, is that unless you are one of the elite in sports, music, academics you get little attention and left to feel a bit of a loser.

The usual spiel about all individuals being recognised and supported is not a reality here either.

Exams results are also pretty poor given ££££ outlay. So if that is your focus, it's not for you.

They are obsessed with becoming academically on a par with some of the other top achieving public schools whereas what they should do is recognise that Sherborne was a far better school when it just did it's best for all boys.

SurreyLanes Sat 16-Sep-17 12:36:13

Oh and don't even begin to consider it, if your DS has any kind of SEN.

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