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Maarias Thu 20-Oct-16 09:09:28

Hi all
Yes I know I really should start this year's thread!

I'm having a slight panic about the 11plus exam in Jan.

I just noticed there are 3 one hour papers! confusedSeems a lot - are there any breaks scheduled in?! I'm ringing admissions lady shortly to query but would value feedback.

Also how do they compare in difficulty to the Grammars? Just trying to assess how much time and effort we need to put in over the next few months?!grinconfused


Seeline Sun 23-Oct-16 12:01:50

My DS did the 10+ ones a few years back, and there were certainly breaks then. Can't remember exactly what, but I am sure they turned it into a fun day with lunch included and a couple of activities too.
Have to say I think 3 x 1 hour papers is fairly standard for the Indies.
Didn't do the grammars so can't compare.

Ladymuck Sun 23-Oct-16 15:48:40

Whitgift has a fourth paper from memory. Yes, there are breaks, and they will be given lunch, so don't worry! There is a written comprehension exercise and verbal reasoning which differ from the Sutton grammars, but usually they're looking to see what the boys can do rather than putting the bar so high that loads of boys can't access the papers. There may be a couple of trickier question on the maths (because they have had a couple of years of a large number of boys scoring 100%), but it will still be KS2 maths.

Maarias Sun 23-Oct-16 19:05:46

Thanks both. So helpful. I will try to stop panicking. We went overboard with the Maths for the Grammars, so am now focusing on writing answers to Comprehensions.

He's doing the 10-11 Bond VR and finding it 'easy' so am thinking try a few of those from the end, and otherwise move up a level.

Ladymuck, we noticed the trickier questions on the sample paper. I am trying to find suitably tricky ones for him to have a go at.

He's a bright boy but is really good and underperforming in exams that count as we found out at the grammars!

Thanks again.

schmack Mon 31-Oct-16 10:05:37

Hi Maarias my son is a good general all rounder but not an academic superstar at primary school and historically underperformed in exams. He passed both Trinity and Whitgift and a third school and is now happily enjoying school at Trinity (fantastic school - pull out all the stops to get him in there smile). He didn't pass the SET. Was nowhere ready for the pressure in the September and was massively intimidated by the process, the day, the crowds, how to fill out the forms etc. He was also freezing and shivering by the time he got in as they made them wait in the pouring rain for over an hour. Then barked at by scary and unfriendly "soldiers" as he called them (cadets). He hated every minute of it and I'm not surprised he didn't perform as well as he might have done.

By contrast, he positively enjoyed the exam days in January. They were friendly and relaxed and all the schools went out of their way to reassure the boys. Trinity in particular were very welcoming and there was a really positive, buzzy atmosphere on the day. He did the 3 schools one after the other 3 days in a row and I too was worried about it being too much for him, tiredness, the number of papers etc. but it was fine. Breaks, nice lunch and plenty or reassurance. I really felt they enabled him to perform to his best ability and show what he was capable of, rather than just weeding out anyone that made a couple of mistakes with no regard for future potential.

Despite good and very good scores in the independent exams (you can find out unlike the grammars where they might have missed the cutoff by one point) I was a bit worried he had somehow "fluked" his way in as the January exams were by far his best exam performance to date. I was worried he wouldn't keep up, but he is now loving school and comfortably getting As and Bs across the board.

I remember feeling sick with dread at this point in the process, but it actually was fine. My advice would be to ignore other parents showing off about how genius their kids are and/or how much preparation they've done. Just focus on your son, keep him relaxed, don't focus too much on one favourite school so there is no undue pressure, keep reminding him that he's just seeing if they might be the right school for him, it's not the only option, so he is as relaxed as possible on the day.

In terms of preparation we just did the Bond papers for VR and NVR mainly, English practice comprehensions and Maths general revision. Not masses, just slow and steady over the next couple of months. Good Luck!

Maarias Tue 01-Nov-16 21:16:52

Thanks so much for the reassurance. SET was a nightmare - I was literally in tears after dropping him off.
I think we (or rather I!) love Trinity too much.
' Back up' is KGS although am told that's even tougher!
Other than open day DS has also done one day of sports camp and also orchestral day in November. Hoping it means he'll be more comfortable with the school by the time he goes for exam and interview!

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