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Waldorf/ Steiner schools - Anyone have experiences to share

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We are considering sending DS (6) to a Waldorf school. He is currently at a mainstream state primary in year 2. He is a slow learner and I always feel that the UK school system does not really suit him and that he needs to learn at his own pace. We are not particularly lentil weaving types, our house is full of gadgets, DS loves things like Starwars and Minions.. Would they even accept us?
Also, I am unsure about how kids reintegrate into the mainstream system after attending Steiner. And I don't think i like not having a headteacher..

But I like the individual approach, the connection to nature, the small class sizes. Anyone with experiences to share?

Noitsnotteatimeyet Thu 20-Oct-16 07:33:51

Do a search on here - the number of deleted comments should give you pause for thought

Google Steiner criticism - plenty of very accurate information which I wish we had taken in before we sent our son (thankfully only briefly) to our local Steiner.

Look very carefully before you commit - it looks like it's all focused on the individual and nurturing and caring but it's really not ...

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