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Anyone familiar with Bury St Edmunds schools- County Upper and King Edward IV school?

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Malaryush Mon 17-Oct-16 15:00:01

Am in such a quandry.
Dc1 is currently in yr 3 at primary and have been wondering which secondary to send them to.

There is County Upper, 'Outstanding' ofstead rating, easy to get to or King Edward IV school Ofstead is 'good' also easy to get to.

If we decide to go with County, I have been told I need to go to its 'feeder' middle school as children from this school are prioritised over others.
In order to go to this 'feeder' school I would need to drive which I am currently learning and will need to have passed by next Sept. However I need to apply by January 2017. Bit of a gamble seeing as I havent passed yet.
I guess my question is this:
Is County Upper worth the extra effort and stress I will need to put in? It has a good reputation but I dont know anyone whose actually been or had kids there.
Equally I dont know how good King Edwards is either. Its really stressing me out at the moment as I really dont know which is the better school.

I really appreciate anyone who knows anything about either of these two.

Butkin1 Thu 20-Oct-16 22:36:31

We live in a village near Bury and children from DD's (private) Primary went to both County and KEGS (as well as Bennys). Not sure what the differences are but they are both well reputed and we've always enjoyed using KEGS sports facilities. Will try and find out why some parents choose one over the other - it really seems to be quite random !

Lucky to have such excellent state schools so close to each other..

Annilack Thu 20-Oct-16 22:42:53

I have previously taught in both feeder schools.
In my opinion they are both great schools and you won't go far wrong with either. But I would definitely send my children to county if I could. The extra curricular activities they offer are fantastic and I know many teachers who really enjoy working there. (Always a good sign)

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