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Touch typing in this day and age: yay or nay?

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TheExhaustedOne Thu 13-Oct-16 15:21:02

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

cloudyday99 Thu 13-Oct-16 15:23:57

Absolutely yes! Why would you think it's outdated? I touch type every day at work and am envied by (mostly older) colleagues who can't.

Both my DC can touch type.

TheExhaustedOne Thu 13-Oct-16 15:25:20

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Arfarfanarf Thu 13-Oct-16 15:25:47

No i never had them learn. They taught themselves naturally by the time spent on computers. Their fingers flow over the keyboard better than mine and i was taught typing!

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 13-Oct-16 15:26:14

They start ICT skills in primary school so probably won't need formal typing classes as we used to get in the 90s.

ThumbWitchesAbroad Thu 13-Oct-16 15:28:00

I never formally learnt to touch type either, but you just pick it up from the amount of time spent on a keyboard!

My mum was taught, as part of her secretarial course, so she used all the correct fingers, which I'm sure I don't; but I can still type as fast as she could.

Desperatemum4 Thu 13-Oct-16 15:28:25

I learnt formally at 17. Best thing I ever did.

LIZS Thu 13-Oct-16 15:28:58

Ds has, he's dyspraxic and uses a keyboard for exams.

idontlikealdi Thu 13-Oct-16 15:29:12

The I can touch type as in I don't have to look t the keyboard when I type but I definitely don't do it the way Mavis beacon would have liked. I don't think there is any need now with the amount of time spent on keyboards.

lurkerspeaks Thu 13-Oct-16 15:30:50

One of my useful skills. My colleagues are always deeply envious.

Using the correct fingers is better ergonomically I think.

I started teaching myself at about 9 using computer software (Mavis Beacon teaches typing). Voice recognition really isn't quite there yet and being able to input data quickly on a keyboard will probably always be useful!

GiddyOnZackHunt Thu 13-Oct-16 15:33:58

It's definitely worth learning to touch type. If you're doing any kind of writing on a keyboard it is useful.

cloudyday99 Thu 13-Oct-16 15:35:05

With both of mine it was part of the deal when they got their own computers aged 10/11 that they learned to type. There's online programs to teach and test you. But they did also learn a bit at school i think

dinkystinky Thu 13-Oct-16 15:36:32

I can touch type - it was invaluable for dissertations and long essays at university and I use it daily at work. As others have said, kids learn abit at school and otherwise can learn online.

Yono Thu 13-Oct-16 15:39:56

I can touch type not very well but I not have to look at the keyboard. I think it's incredibly useful and I'm surprised more people don't learn.

TellMeStraight Thu 13-Oct-16 15:40:48

I love touch typing. Perfect typing whilst looking and talking to someone is my one and only party trick!!

As for the DCs, surely it's going to be essential when they start needing to type out essays etc?

My DD has just started lessons in yr2 and she's pretty much mastered it after a few weeks. They used BBC bite size Dance Mat Typing. It's very good.

Yono Thu 13-Oct-16 15:41:08

Btw it's easy to earn to touch type at a passable level. I think learning to do it really well might be a lot harder.

MrsDeVere Thu 13-Oct-16 15:49:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BombayBonsai Thu 13-Oct-16 15:55:05

We were taught the basics at school but to be honest I think it is more a skill that is developed over time spent at a keyboard. I use a computer daily and definately don't think it is a redundant skill.

I get so frustrated watching people who type one finger at a time or have to constantly check where the next key is. I think it should be taught ESPECIALLY in this day and age where absolutely everything seems to be moving to digital/online.

BombayBonsai Thu 13-Oct-16 15:58:20

Sorry that should say that I think the basics should be taught.

BoJolly Thu 13-Oct-16 16:00:01

I was also taught to touch type and it has been a great skill to have. It's not just about the speed - it's the accuracy.

A lot of people can type fast but rely on spell check to correct things afterwards. I know instantly when I have hit the wrong key, without looking. I don't think I have ever used spellcheck.

I'm rubbish at texting though - I want to type everything out in full. grin

ProfYaffle Thu 13-Oct-16 16:03:07

I agree it's very useful. I taught myself from my Mum's old 1950's school text book! Agree with pp who said people think they can type quickly til they see someone who can properly touch type. I can type about as fast as I can think. Makes me really speedy at work, I can plough through many more clients than others who take an age to write up notes.

I wouldn't bother with formal lessons though, one of the self taught packages is more than enough.

BombayBonsai Thu 13-Oct-16 16:09:55

Anyone else find that a downfall of it is always being asked to take minutes? I hate doing minutes with an absolute passion but always seem to be earmarked for the occasions it is required.

I find it so annoying how many typos that I make on a phone/tablet as I'm the same as you ProfYaffle. I know as soon as I've hit the wrong key.

airingcupboard Thu 13-Oct-16 16:27:43

Definitely. I learnt as a teenager and will make sure my kids learn when old enough. I can do 60-80 wpm and I defy anyone who doesn't do it properly to get to that speed

NotCitrus Thu 13-Oct-16 16:37:38

Our 8 and 9yos will be getting a typing game this Christmas to speed them up, now their hands are big enough to think about touch typing. Though only expect them to get to "fluent knowing where all the keys are" until they're older.

I mostly touch type but need a thumb resting on the keyboard to hold my hand up, and can't reach the numbers etc without looking, but it's still a good 80 wpm. My dad thought I'd failed all my GCSEs so made me do a typing course, but I stopped when I got my results. A useful week.

AlannaOfTrebond Thu 13-Oct-16 16:53:12

I learnt as part of a secretarial course I took during my gap year in the late 90's. It was so worth it when I got to uni and all assignments had to be typed, I flew through typing up mine compared to everyone else I knew.

I honestly don't know how much kids pick up these days, by pure immersion in the technology, but I would definitely encourage them with a game or online teaching tool anyway.

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