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Cash strapped schools in Sussex Considering a 4 day week

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curryandrice Mon 03-Oct-16 21:36:17

The government can't have it both ways - pressurising teachers and children to reach particular standards but not providing the necessary funding.

admission Mon 03-Oct-16 22:08:12

Well that is of course a matter of opinion as to whether they have got enough funds or not. West Sussex is by no means the worst funded LA and whilst I agree completely that the new national funding formula cannot come soon enough to at least get to something resembling a flat playing field across all LAs they are not badly funded at present when compared to others.
There is a political game going on here because they suspect that they might even miss out further when the national funding formula is unveiled, so are getting their points in early.
The idea of a 4 day week does not seem sensible. The school has a legal duty to provide 23.5 hours a week of teaching and learning so whilst they might be able to squeeze that in to 4 school days they will still have all the same costs of teachers etc that they have for 5. So I cannot see where the financial incentive is.
There are savings to be made, especially in a school the size of the Weald but they will not want to think about any of the difficult decisions they might have to take, which will involve staffing.
Sorry but there is a reality here but most schools are still struggling with that and believe that more funding will be found if they moan enough. It is very unlikely to happen and they need to start making the difficult decisions now before the problems become a crisis.

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