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Exchange student coming soon - what to have in room ready?

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Hulababy Sun 25-Sep-16 13:07:54

Its our first time experiencing the whole exchange visit. 14y DD has a student coming over from Spain, for a week, arranged via school. She will go over in March to his home. He arrives in about 9 days time!

We don't know much yet about him, except that it is a 14y boy, from Madrid. He has emailed/WhatsApp'd DD and they now follow each other on Instagram. Think the whole group have some group chat thing too with students from DD's school and also his school. We only have DD and she goes to a girls school, and most of her friends are female too - so don't really have much experience of teenage boys!

We have a spare bedroom. But what should I have ready intuit room for him.

So far:
* small double - will have all clean bedding etc. obviously and plenty of pillows
* we will clear some space in the wardrobe and have bought some extra hangers for him to use
* there's a mirror on the wall and a hook on the back of the door for towels, etc.
* I have ordered a small chest of drawers/bedside table (needed to sort on anyway)
* also on order - a small lamp, small alarm clock, plug extension with USB sockets, a small waste paper bin and some new matching towels (to match the bedroom colour - thought we might as well get things we'd use with other adult guests as well whilst we are at it)

Also have a couple of little clip memo stand things - will add wifi details for him as well as key info he may need such as our home telephone, etc.

I've also ordered a small basket to put on the table for bits and pieces - what to put in it???

He will need to share the main bathroom which DD uses. Will obviously make sure it is tidy and clean, and encourage DD to keep it spotless that week as well - plus clear some space for him to leave a toiletry bag or whatever.


Hulababy Sun 25-Sep-16 14:10:19


DoItTooJulia Sun 25-Sep-16 14:20:19

Fill the basket with sweets and chocolates and mints and a fiver pop a 'welcome' card in. grin

Lucky boy-not like when our school did an exchange and one of the visiting children woke up on her camp bed with all of the wall paper on top of her. The girl asked to come and stay at our house, bless her. But that was because my mum
and dad enjoyed having the students so much, they took us all to a French restaurant followed by a sit in chip shop the next night and then threw a huge party!

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Sun 25-Sep-16 14:23:13


AdaLovelacesCat Sun 25-Sep-16 14:25:25

a map of the local area
some sweets

BackforGood Sun 25-Sep-16 14:28:43

Sounds lovely what you've already thought of.
The only thing that will probably be crucial to him is the wifi password.

When ours came he found he had forgotten the thingumy that you plug into English sockets, to make continental devices (ie his charger) work here. Fortunately we thought of friends who had one and then lent it to us.

Boys aren't a different species you know grin

MerylPeril Sun 25-Sep-16 14:36:55

My Spanish flatmate was always freezing here so extra blankets!

CauliflowerSqueeze Sun 25-Sep-16 14:40:42

Back - an adaptor? Great idea.
Yes to sweets.
Maybe shower gel? You sound so thoughtful!

MeeWhoo Sun 25-Sep-16 14:45:52

As a Spaniard who stayed with English families at that age for a few weeks during the summer (so not an exchange) I would say room "equipment" is not a big issue at all as long as the room is clean.

The only room thing that may be hard to get used to is light coming through in the night /early morning because in Spain most people have shutters that let no light in at all, although I guess this is not such an issue at this time of year.

The biggest shock tends to revolve around food, becuase of things you are not used to eat and different expectations regarding amounts and eating times. For instance, most Spanish 14 year old will still be starving after an average school pack lunch.

Because of this I would suggest giving him very clear instructions of where to find food that he is allowed to eat in the house and make sure he knows he is welcome to it and what exactly he can and can't eat. Full belly= happy child.

Hulababy Sun 25-Sep-16 14:55:33

Will order a Spanish-UK adaptor

Have already ordered some mini toiletries and some tissues for the basket, incase he forgets any.

Will make sure we have lots of snacks and sweets, etc. and that he knows where the fruit bowl, snack tub and also the fridge is.

Have already asked DD to find out his likes/dislikes regards food - especially for breakfast (DD hardly eats breakfast despite nagging, bar coffee) and packed lunch (again DD only really takes a sandwich, a drink and maybe a snack bar type thing.) According to DD the only mention of food on his info card is that he doesn't like vegetables.

Backforgood - I know, but they can often be different to teen girls from what I keep being told. I did grow up with a brother and several male cousins. One friend does have a boy the same age as DD - but most of the boys we know are a fair bit younger. Keep being told I need its of food in.

I will find a map - though apparently DD will be escorting him to and from school every day, and during the school day they do activities with their exchange group. So - just evenings and one weekend.

SiobhanRyan Tue 15-Nov-16 18:13:45

Yip ... full belly = happy student!

Yoghurt, cookies, fruit, bread, nutella and cheese should be in demand ))

Useful link here from the company I'm presently hosting with

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