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Harris Academy chain chief says they will consider opening grammar schools

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noblegiraffe Fri 16-Sep-16 17:53:29

Would he consider opening a grammar school in the Harris mix?

“I don’t think we would want to choose to do them, but tactically we might have to. Otherwise we would be losing the top 20 per cent of pupils in our schools. What do we do? End up as secondary mods?

“There might be things you can do to ameliorate the problems. But I can’t think of any.”

This is it, isn't it? If this grammar school proposal goes through, even schools that don't want to be grammars will be seriously considering their place in the community and needing to be quick off the mark. Get your grammar school conversion application in early, or risk being relegated to secondary modern status.

I know my school will be seriously considering this. I know our CEO will do what it takes to protect the MAT, and if that means converting one of the schools to a grammar, then even if personally ideologically opposed, that's what will happen.

Ta1kinPeace Sun 18-Sep-16 17:08:09

TBH I was aware of his comments from very early on and in THEIR situation it bothers me very little.
Harris have lots of schools inside the London free bus network.
For them to then shuffle the kids to the school / set that best suits them makes scary amounts of sense
eg years 7 and 8 are fully mixed
for years 9-11 you go to the school with the courses that suit
for years 12 and 13 even more so
however and it is the most almighty HOWEVER
only Harris could pull it off because of the nature of their schools.

For the other 2550 secondaries in the country its a shit idea grin

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