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composite class- again!

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sammac Thu 10-Jun-04 15:38:13

Just received my dd class for next year and she's in a composite again. She was in composite in p4 & 5, straight 6, and now for her final year back to composite. I can see why they've done it- to keep working groups together, but she's quite upset about it. The sweetner is that she's got the teacher she wanted. I want to grab the phone to the head to scream it's not fair, but I know I'll get the usual bumpf about being best for her blah blah blah. She's with her friends and the alternative is being moved to the straight class, which she doesn't want. Telling you lot rather than going on the phone and making a fool of myself, but I think I'll write a letter expressing my disappointment of 3 years of composite when there are some children that have never been in one.

Rant over and ps she passed her cycling profiency today

Toothache Thu 10-Jun-04 15:45:43

From the other side of the coin, I was in a composite class for 3 yrs... p4/5 p5/6 p6/7... I was in the higher year each time. I loved it! There were only 9 of us in the year above, the other 20 were the year below.... it certianly didn't effect our schooling. In fact we got many perks! We got to skiing 2 yrs running as only P6's got to do this. We went when we were P6 and then again when the year below went into P6!

And out of the 9 that were in our small group, 3 have since qualified as Doctors and one is a Lawyer and another went onto a Posh Private School under a Tennis Scholarship (none of these are me, BTW).

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