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Moving school

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creampie Wed 14-Sep-16 14:57:48

Can anyone share any tips or experience with this? Our 6 year old is in yr 2 at a Welsh school. He's getting on ok I think, but I know his behaviour can be difficult at times. No one in the family speaks Welsh, he has purely picked it up at school. He says he ants to go to English school. I think this may actually be best but I've no idea how to go about it, or how he is likely to settle once there.

Does anyone have any experience of how to go about moving primary school? How quickly/easily children are likely to settle?

I don't want to make the wrong decision either way, but I'm not sure what will be best for him.

Thanks for any advice

bojorojo Thu 15-Sep-16 13:48:44

I believe you can apply to go to any school you wish, subject to it having a place available. You would also be responsible for transport. Are all the schools near you Welsh speaking? Do you have schools in mind? Your Local Authority will probably have a list of schools with spaces and you can contact the schools direct. You do not have to apply via the Local Authority.

I would not be keen on my child having to do Welsh as a non Welsh speaker and it must be frustrating for him. In principle, you can go where you want.

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