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in-year secondary school appeal for ASD DD (year 9)

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anothermadamebutterfly Tue 13-Sep-16 21:58:21

Does anybody have any tips on in-year admission secondary school appeals? We are trying to move our DD (year 9) to a school that has a specialisation in asd (they have a special unit which she would not be eligible for, but the expertise spills over into the rest of school if that makes sense). The school are full and have no place for her at present, but they advised us to appeal (which I hope means that maybe they are not completely against the idea of having her?). The timeframe is very tight - we enquired last week about places and have been given a panel date for next week, so not much time to prepare.

DD has ASD and ADHD (no EHCP), and has been very unhappy at her current school over the past year for a whole range of reasons (it is a good school in principle, but is pretty much in the dark ages when it comes to ASD, particularly with girls).

I would be grateful for any tips. We are getting a letter of support from her paediatrician, and have several reasons why we want that school (they have a great support programme in place for the non-statemented SEN kids, which attracts us, and of course the expertise in ASD, but also certain aspects of the curriculum there could suit her better - they offer BTECs in two of her current favourite subjects (the only school close to us that does), which I think would suit her a lot as she is very practical and hands-on in her learning). Is there anything else we should think of preparing for the panel?


tiggytape Thu 15-Sep-16 17:27:58

The main focus should be how the school you wants will meet your DD's needs.

It is helpful if these are documented in some way and even more helpful if a professional or specialist agrees this particular school would benefit her and will write something along those lines.

Don't worry if you can't get that if time is short but do try to match up for the appeal panel each area your DD needs support in with the ways this school can help and each thing your DD would benefit from with what this school offers. Try to stick to things specific to your DD so for example staff who are trained in ASD and know how to get the best of pupils.

Don't dwell to much on the old school and it's faults. You are appealing for one school not against the other but you can point out where differences between the schools might help your DD

All in all - the points you've raised sound very good and hopefully will be enough to convince the panel that your DD's need for a place outweighs the fact that the school is full

anothermadamebutterfly Thu 15-Sep-16 18:02:03

Thanks, tiggy that is all helpful. I have been making my way very carefully through all the information we have about the new school, and there are loads of little things that I think I could mention that could help her (things like access to a 'quiet room' where she could eat her lunch if she wanted, which would be great as last winter she ate all alone in the playground as she cannot cope with the noise in the dining hall and there was nowhere else to go), and things like nurture groups, which she does not have at all present. I guess things like that could help?

Thanks also for mentioning not dwelling on her current school, we have been advised that by others. It is so easy to feel enormously frustrated about it, but in fact the school is not completely bad - her siblings are still at that school, happy and doing well, so it really is the personal 'fit' if that makes sense.

Anyway, thanks for the advice. AMB

tiggytape Thu 15-Sep-16 18:20:13

Yes those sorts of things are very helpful to mention.

If the paediatrician is in anyway able to reiterate some of the key ways that the school is the best fit (in his medical opinion not just stating that you have told him it is) then that would be ideal but even if you can't get that, bringing up the points about lunchtime support, other support, qualification suitability etc will all help to show the panel why they should give most weight to your DD's need for a place

anothermadamebutterfly Fri 23-Sep-16 17:14:14

Hi tiggytape, thanks so much for your advice, just to let you know that we found out today that the appeal panel decided in our favour and we have been offered a place for our daughter. We are all delighted!!!!

mummytime Fri 23-Sep-16 21:18:16


WomensNet Fri 23-Sep-16 21:21:06

Congratulations smile

anothermadamebutterfly Sat 24-Sep-16 12:40:53


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